Making Dracula costumes for Halloween party is all about combining wit and charm to scare people. Read on to know how to make a Dracula costume.

How To Make A Dracula Costume

Halloween trends come and go, but Dracula remains the classic as well as the most popular costume. Considered a symbol of Halloween, Dracula is known as the ultimate vampire and the prime feeder of human blood. Making Dracula costumes is fun project, which is quite easy as well. You do not require putting in much effort for the same. It’s just the cape, fangs and the make-up that are additional to the tuxedo dress. In the following lines, we have provided information on how to make a Dracula costume.
Making Dracula Costumes
Materials Required 
  • Face Paint
  • Fangs
  • Fake Blood
  • Hair Dye
  • Mouse
  • Cape
  • Great Coat
  • Waistcoat
  • White Shirt
  • Black Pant
  • Dress Shoes
  • Black Satin Cummerbund
  • Blood-red Bow Tie
  • White Marine Gloves 
  • The first things required to make a Dracula costume would be the cape. Whilst it is easy to get a cape from a costume store, you can also make it on your own, using an old black coat. All you need to do is remove the sleeves and patch in the holes. Now, turn the collar and the cape is ready!!
  • Fangs are the next most important thing for a Dracula costume. Without fangs, the Dracula cannot exist. There are various options you can choose from, while you are getting the fangs, with the most popular being plastic fangs and porcelain fangs.
  • The ideal dress for a Dracula would be the tuxedo outfit - a formal white shirt, black pants, black satin cummerbund and a blood-red bow tie. Add to this, a pair of white Marine gloves. They would go perfectly with the cape and the fangs.
  • Now, it's time to turn to your hair. If your hair is black or brown, then there would be no problem. If not, you can use temporary hair color to bring that effect. Slick back your hair by applying some mousse. Draw a widow’s peak with some black face paint and the hair styling is done.
  • Finally, paint your face with gray or white face paint. The paleness of these colors emits the perfect deep deathly sunken look, required for a Dracula. Add dark gray shadows under your eyes. If case you want to have a blood spattered look, paint streaks of fake blood from the corners of your mouth and make your lips bright red.

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