A vampire costume is as timeless as the Halloween. Read the article below to know the tips on making vampire costume.

How To Make Your Own Vampire Costume

The Twilight series rejuvenated the diminishing cult of vampires. Vampires are now flying in and out of the dreams of every teenage girl, and her mother. The suave Edward Cullen is the new avatar of the centuries old vampire, and it is perhaps only now that they are not reviled. Vampires have always existed in east European folklore. They came to popular imagination from the novel ‘Dracula’ and since then Dracula has symbolized everything that is sinister and evil. The origin of the vampire myth can be traced to the vampire bats, which feed on cattle blood. Through the years, vampires have undergone several metamorphoses – from being reviled, to being a buffoon to the present romantic hero. A constant presence in Halloween parties, dressing up in vampire costumes has always been a favorite with children. Read the article below to learn more on how you can make your own vampire costume.
Tips On Making Vampire Costume
The Outfit
 A vampire outfit should have a cold and sinister look. Black is the color of dark and evil. Wear black suit and shoes with a white shirt, preferably a tuxedo. Worn out clothing is even better for showing off the Old World vampire. Now, the most important piece of vampire clothing – the cape. Take a piece of black cloth that is of the length from the shoulder to the calf. Drape it over your shoulder and fasten it with a ribbon over your chest. The clothing should be neat and tidy, for a vampire is very careful about his appearance. Make the top of the cape shorter than below so that it flows around. To give the appearance of an aristocratic vampire count, tie a red ribbon on the shirt collar. You can also tie your cape using a metal clasp or a big button.
A vampire without fangs is like a gun without bullets. For the sake of safety, it is better to buy plastic fangs instead of making one. Fangs should not be long so that the vampire can approach its victim without being recognized.
Instead of buying expensive wigs, it is better to work with the natural hair. Vampires have very immaculate style. Use a sticky hair gel and comb the entire hair back, if the hair is long. If it is short, then use the gel and spike the hair. You can also leave the hair stylishly ruffled. Gel will also give the vampire hair a glazed appearance thus giving a slick look.
Vampires are either dead or are immortal. In either case, the skin suffers and so a pale skin is the characteristic of a healthy vampire. Use baby powder and dab your face with it. You can also use a pale foundation or a theatrical make up called clown white. Don’t make the face too white and try to make it as sickly as possible. Use mascara on the eyelashes and eyebrows to darken them. Apply little amount of dark makeup on the eye lids. Wear red or green contact lenses for an extra effect. Use a red lipstick and lightly tinge the lips so that there is a tinge of red. Leave a couple of drops of fake blood dripping from your lips and also a splatter on your shirt. You can also use some ketchup.

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