Many famous chefs of the world have immensely influenced the way we cook and eat our food. Explore the article to know about some of the best known chefs of the world.

Famous Chefs

The culinary industry has seen quite a few revolutions and several innovations, most of which could be credited to the famous chefs of the world. They have changed the art of cooking in their own creative styles and introduced the world to a massive range of culinary delights. The best chefs of the world have dramatically influenced the way we cook and eat our food. They have also penned some immensely popular cookbooks, which are used by budding chefs and food lovers across the globe. In case you want to know who the most famous chefs of the world are, follow the article.
Best Chefs Of The World
Fernand Point
At the young age of 26, Fernand Point, a French chef, started the internationally famed Restaurant de la Pyramide. It was founded shortly after the Second World War. Point has been famously called the “Father of Novelle cuisine”, which referred to the modern French cuisine.
James Beard
The “Father of American Gastronomy”, James Beard founded the "The James Beard Cooking School" in America, where he taught cooking for around 30 years. He has also penned many esteemed books on cooking, such as ‘The James Beard Cookbook’, ‘Treasury of Outdoor Cooking’, ‘Delights and Prejudices’ and many more.
Auguste Escoffier
Escoffier, a French chef and restaurateur, was called the “Emperor of Chefs” by the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II. He is known for writing some of the most popular books on cooking, such as ‘Le Guide Culinaire’, ‘Le Livre des Menus’, ‘Ma Cuisine’ and others. Escoffier is a legendry figure among chefs and is credited with revolutionizing the menu, art of cooking and professional kitchen.
Julia Child
Julia Child was a very popular America chef, who was also the co-founder of ‘American Institute of Wine and Food’. Several popular cuisine books, such as “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, have been written by her. She started a cooking school with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle in 1951.
Ferran Adria
The Spanish chef, Ferran Adria, is touted to be the “Father of Modern Spanish Cuisine”.  He is the head chef of his restaurant El Bulli, in Roses, Spain. He uses new techniques and gadgets to creatively whip up delectable delicacies. He is most famous for his thirty-course gourmet menu.
Todd Gray
Todd Gray is an American chef, who is the head chef and co-owner of ‘Equinox’, a restaurant in Washington, D.C. The innovative chef is trying to change the definition of American food, which has so long been considered to be just limited to bland, mass market and pre-packaged fodder.
Patricia Yeo
Patricia Yeo is famous for blending exotic ingredients from Asia, Mediterranean and South Western regions of the world, to make innovative cuisines. She also started a restaurant in America, in 2000, by the name ‘AZ’. She has even authored the famous cooking book 'Cooking from A to Z'.
John Ash
John Ash is an internationally renowned chef from North Carolina. He specializes in wine country cuisines and is the author of famous cookbook 'American Game Cooking: A Contemporary Guide to preparing Farm-Raised Game Birds and Meats’. ‘Cream Almond Fresh Oysters’ and ‘Chocolate Truffle Trot’ are some of his internationally known dishes.

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