Oyster is a popular seafood. If you are thinking about how to grill oysters, check out this article to know the right way of grilling oysters.

How To Grill Oysters

Oysters, popular lip-smacking seafood, are loved by almost everyone who craves for seafood and make the most sought-after dish by gourmets. While there are many methods for cooking Oysters, grilling them on coals is considered the most convenient. It takes only a few minutes to prepare mouth-watering oysters without much of a fuss. Follow this easy way to grill oysters.

Grilling Oysters

Things Required

  • Oysters (6-8 per person)
  • Oil or butter for greasing
  • An Iron sheet or rod for grilling
  • Cotton gloves
  • Coals
  • Sauce for serving 
  1. Since oysters are found in mud bed, start with washing off the mud from their shell.
  2. After cleaning them, use an iron piece to loosen the well-fastened oysters within the shell. While doing it one should be careful with its sharp edges. Again rinse off the remaining dirt.
  3. Get the fire on and grease the grill before placing the oysters on it.
  4. Place the oysters on grill in such a way that their juice don’t drop while cooking. If you are using an iron sheet, spread the oysters on the sheet in layers- but not too thick.
  5. Remove the grill/sheet from fire when they are done. When there are cracks in the shell and its mouth is open, it means they are done as grilling allows it to open naturally.
  6. Put the hot oysters on a table or rack and use a knife to open the shell.
  7. Discard the half open shell and scrap the meat with the help of a knife. 
This method is most suitable when oysters are large in number, otherwise they can be roast in an oven, when cooking for 4-5 people. Another method of roasting oysters is to roast them in a wet bag, to steer clear of catching fire or getting burnt. 

Serving Suggestion: Serve oysters with the traditional Cilantro lemon sauce, which tastes best with the grilled oysters.

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