Homemade dollhouses are cheap, easy to make and as attractive as the shop-bought ones. Explore this article and learn how to build a dollhouse.

Homemade Dollhouses

Dollhouses have attracted children since generations. They are great gifts that every child enjoys receiving and playing with. Building dollhouses at home is a fun-filled project, which adults can do themselves. A homemade dollhouse is much economical as compared to the shop-bought one and is quite easy to build as well. The structure, furniture and accessories of dollhouse can be easily built using ordinary household items. Through this article, you will know how to build a dollhouse at home.  
How To Build A Dollhouse
Before Building
Figure Out The Plan
First, decide how many rooms you want in your dollhouse. The size of the house should also be figured out while planning. When you plan the project, you should also include its shape. A one-storey building is the simplest one.
Decide The Scale
After deciding the size, shape and number of rooms for the dollhouse, make out the scale. Traditionally, dollhouses are on 1/12 scale i.e. 1 inch per real-life foot. This is considered the ideal measurement for a dollhouse, because you can include a huge selection of furnishings and accessories within this size.
Draw The Plan
After you finish figuring out the measurements in mind, transfer them onto a paper. Draw a rough sketch of the plan. Your dollhouse will include a base for the floor, three walls and two roof pieces. The fourth wall will be open for playing and displaying what is inside the house. Do not forget to include windows and doors.
Start the Project
Collect The Raw Materials
Now that you are ready with your plan, it is the time to kick-start the work. First, purchase plywood for the building. Brushes, paint, sandpaper, craft sticks, electric-drill, circular saw, miniature hammer, nails and wood glue are some of the raw materials needed for the project.
Cut The Plywood
Using a circular saw, cut the plywood you are using for the project. Drill holes for the windows and doors in the corners of all the cut-outs. Smoothen the edges by using sandpaper. ¾ inch plywood will be perfect for the base and 3/8 inch is the apt measurement for walls and roofs.
Join And Paint The Walls
With the help of wood glue and nails, attach the walls to the base. Do the same for the roofs as well. Give a final addition by smoothening the joints. Paint the inner as well as outer portion of the walls. Paint the walls in bright colors. This will give an attractive look to your dollhouse.
Add Furniture
Now that you have constructed the building, it is the time to accessorize it. To begin with, start making furniture for the dollhouse. Furnishings for the dollhouse can be made with the help of stuff that you can find at home. Empty cheese boxes can serve as beds, small crocheted dollies can be used for curtains and rugs and empty matchboxes will be perfect for the drawers.

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