If you are looking to surprise your mom with a personalized gift this festive season, then these gift ideas can leave you inspired. To know more on gifts kids can make easily at home, read on.

Gifts Kids Can Make

With the festive season here, it’s time to figure out that perfect gift for your mom, dad, grandpa, grandma and friends. Gifting can get really tricky, more so when you want to gift something that is beyond the reach of your small money box. If you are looking to get something original, affordable and thoughtful without exhausting your piggy bank, then gifting your friends and family some personalized and homemade gifts would reveal oodles about how much you care for them. Remember, it’s not always the price tag that counts. Sometimes the time and effort you put in to get a gift is all it takes to make your present special. And the best part is that you don’t have to work endless hours to make a gift. Just try one of the below mentioned gift options and wow your kith and kin with your creativity and thoughtfulness. These simple and easy-to-make gifts will set your gift apart from rest of the presents and would make for a memorable keepsake for your parents, grandparents, friends or relatives.

Easy Gifts Kids Can Make 

Napkin Holders
If you want to impress your mom, you don’t have to break your coin bank to buy her something pricey. Instead, you can delight her with something as simple as a personalized napkin holder. Just grab some shiny pony beads and tinsel pipe cleaners and you are good to go. Slip in 24-25 beads in the pipe cleaner and twist the ends to secure the string of beads. Now twist the pipe cleaner into a loop so that it forms a circle. Your fancy napkin holder is ready.

Hair Chopsticks
Just because your mom has drawer full of hair accessories doesn’t mean that she would mind adding another piece to her collection. If you are looking for an easy and cost effective gift to wow your mom this festive season, try hair chopsticks. For this, you will need a pair of wooden chopsticks, a pencil sharpener, scissors, a nail filer, wire, beads, paint and glue. Take the chopsticks, cut them 6 inches long, and then sharpen the ends. Dull the pointed edges slightly with a nail clipper. Color the chopsticks with a color of your mom’s choice and keep it aside to dry. Now take a 10 inches long wire and slip in beads from both sides, leaving space in the center. Twist the ends to secure the beads. Now twist the center of the wire around the chopsticks and your homemade hair chopsticks are ready.

Handy Coasters
This is one gift which your mom, sister or aunt will really love! Personalized coasters aren’t just great fun to make, but also make for an interesting gifting option. To make open-handed coasters, you will need card stock, pencil or chalk, 2 pieces of cotton fabrics (coordinating or contrasting), iron and 1 packet double-sided stiff fusible interfacing. Place your palm over a card stock and cut it according to your palm shape. You can trace the desired number of coasters on any one of the fabric pieces using a pencil or a chalk. Cut the fabric into rectangles and then trim the second fabric as well as the interfacing to complement its size. Following the instructions on the interfacing package, put the interfacing between the two fabrics and iron it. Now cut along the traced lines. Your handy coasters are ready to be used.

Try these gift ideas and surprise your mom, grandma, aunt and friends with your creativity. These simple gifts can be easily made at home and gifted on any occasion.

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