A Tutu is a dance costume that is worn by the ballerinas. Learn more about how to make a tutu. Read on to find out how to create a tutu.

How To Make A Tutu

The tutu is a very interesting dance costume that is worn by the ballerinas. It is a very beautiful and elaborate costume. The word 'Tutu' is actually a version of the French word 'cul-cul', which means a kind of baby talk. Interestingly, it is believed that Tutu is so called because one can usually see a dancer's backside in a tutu.
Perhaps, there is nothing more fun and interesting for a girl than designing a perfect tutu which looks chick as well as compliments the look real well. Making a tutu is not a tough task. With the necessary tips and techniques, it really is very easy. Here are the steps involved in making a real nice and attractive tutu.
Things Required 
  • Tulle
  • Matching thread
  • Needle or sewing machine
  • Elastic
  • Decorative gems 
Now that you have the required items, follow the steps mentioned below to create a tutu: 
  • First of all, you need to choose a pattern. There are lots of readymade patterns easily available off the net but you can very easily create your own pattern as well, if you want.
  • Next, you need to take the measure of the waist, hips, the length of the tutu and the stride. Stride is very important, hence, to measure the stride, take a step back as far as you can and hold it there and then start to measure.
  • Now, lay out a white colored poster board or a large wrapping paper. Start to trace the person's body on the white paper. After you are done tracing, retrace the lines. This time, do it according to the measurements you took earlier.
  • Keep a buffer of about half an inch. This would be helpful if you commit a mistake while sewing the tutu. After you are done, you would be left with a trapezoid shape. This is the pattern that you could use.
  • You can now go ahead and purchase the material with which you would sew the pattern of the tutu. But, keep in mind that your tutu would be doubled in size after you add volume to it. So, purchase twice the amount of pattern than you would actually require. You should also buy the other things that you deem necessary. 
Sewing and Decorating the Tutu
Follow the steps mentioned below to sew and decorate the tutu. 
  • Start by folding the tulle in half. This folded size would act as the bottom edge of the tutu.
  • Next, cut the tulle to match the pattern that you had created earlier. Don't forget to leave about half an inch of extra space for sewing purposes. Please don't cut the bottom crease because here the tulle will be folded in half.
  • Now you need to attach the elastic with the pins from the top side of the tulle. But make sure that you attach the elastic about half inch from the top of the tulle as this is where the two pieces will come together once it is folded.
  • Fold the remaining part of the tulle half inch back over the elastic and pin it up.
  • Start sewing the tulle where you have placed the pin. But be sure that the elastic is of the same size as the waist's measurement that you took earlier.
  • The last step involves sewing the sides of the tulle together.
  • Now that your tutu is complete, it is the time to decorate it with gems. It is advisable to use a machine to attach the gems with the tutu. You can make it as sparkling as you want it to be.

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