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How To Make A Mummy

Your children have seen a mummy on the TV and now they are after you demanding that they too need one. You are wondering how to make a mummy for them. We could assist you.
The Mummy
First of all, explain to your children what the mummy is. In ancient Egypt, people believed that souls went to the underworld after death for receiving judgment. If they were adjudicated good person, there souls were sent back to reunite with the body and live in paradise for ever. However, for the soul to recognize the body, it had to be as it was in the living time. The task of preserving the body was given to the embalmer who removed organs and fluids, embalmed the body and then preserved it. Mummies were these embalmed dead bodies.
Making a Doll Mummy
If you have a daughter, you could consider making a doll mummy for her. What you need for making a doll mummy is just a doll, a white cloth, a pair of scissors, a cup of flour, a bowl, and two cups of water. That is all!
Mix the water and flour in a bowl. Cut half inch wide strips from the white cloth. Put these strips into the bowl and let these saturate in the mixture. Now start wrapping the doll with these stripes. For making a good-looking mummy, wrap the doll twice. Leave the new mummy till it dries completely. Give the mummy to your daughter to show it to friends.
Making an Idol Mummy
Your daughter doesn’t want to sacrifice her doll for making a mummy. Or it could be a son yelling that boys don’t play with ball. Ok. You could tell him making a mummy of an idol. We will tell you the process. For the game, you need some modeling clay, plaster of paris bandages, scissors, paint and paintbrush. And some creativity!
Tell your son to take some modeling clay in his hands and work it till it becomes soft. Mould the lump into a body shape. It will take some time shaping it, but eventually he would succeed. Take some more clay and work it again. This time he has to make arms and head-dress for the body. Add these to the body, when they are made. The body is ready now. Leave it to dry. Ask your son to prepare now for wrapping it the other day. 

Ask him to take scissors and cut the plaster of paris bandages into strips. When the strips are ready, start wrapping the body from the feet. The task has to be done fast because the plaster of paris sticks quickly. Wrap the body to the head-dress. Now ask him to take the paintbrush and paint the head-gear in golden color. Don’t forget to make eyes, nose and mouth on the head-dress with black paint. Leave it to dry. Mummy for your son is ready.

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