Flower pressing is an intriguing activity, which many of us must have tried in childhood. To learn how to press flowers, check out some simple flower pressing instructions.

How To Press Flowers

Flower pressing is a fun filled, yet creative activity, which most of us must have tried in childhood. At that age, the value of pressed flowers is not known. For children, the process is a sheer useless activity, as the sole purpose is to admire the beauty of withered flower. However with time, one realizes the value of pressed flowers. They can prove to be quite handy decorative items, used for adoring a lot of things. Pressed flowers can be used on note cards, pictures, bookmarks, or anything that you would want to decorate. This way, you cannot only preserve the natural beauty of the flowers, once they have withered away, but can also spruce certain things in a creative manner. Want to try the process all over again? To know all about how to press flowers, read the tips given below.
Pressing Flowers
Traditional Way
Things Needed
  • Telephone Directory/ Yellow Pages
  • Facial Tissue
  • Acid free paper 
  • Collect flowers after they have dried, but before they are wilted. Usually, only flowers are pressed and not the stem, but you can press some foliage as well. For this purpose, pick only those plants, which have neat and useful root systems.
  • The next step is to make the flowers flat. Remove the petals from the thick center core. You can press the flowers flat with your fingers, if necessary.
  • Make use of a heavy book for pressing flowers. It can be a telephone directory or yellow pages diary. Weight is required for pressing the flowers down.
  • Spread the pages of the book and insert a folded facial tissue. Place petals and flowers on the tissue inside the fold. You can skip a few pages and then repeat the process for some flowers. The tissue is used so that the flowers are easy to transfer after they dry.
  • After a few days, transfer the tissue, along with the flower, to another book. The main purpose behind this exercise is to remove moisture from the plant. After the third transfer, leave the flowers alone until they are completely dry.
  • After this, remove them from the tissue and place on an acid free paper. 
Modern Approach
Things Needed
  • 2 pieces of Hardboard/ Tough Fiberboard, 8 inch by 8 inch
  • 5 or 6 Rubber/Elastic Bands
  • 6 pieces of Blotting/Absorbent Paper, cut to 8 inch x 8 inch
  • Microwave 
  • First of all, lay a piece of hardboard down and cover it with three sheets of blotting/absorbent paper.
  • Now, place a layer of prepared flowers on the paper and cover with the other three sheets.
  • The next step would be put the second piece of hardboard on top and fasten with the rubber/elastic bands, two or three along each side.
  • Now, place the package in a microwave, on medium heat, for a couple of minutes.
  • Thereafter, allow the contents to cool and check to see if the flowers are dry. In case they haven’t dried, replace them in the microwave again.
  • Now, check again. Keep on repeating the process until all the flower petals have been pressed and are completely dry.

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