Given below are directions on how to make a pinata. Read the instructions given below for making a pinata.

How To Make A Pinata

Pinatas are quite popular in Mexican celebrations. Traditionally, they were made into the shape of a six pointed star. They were then filled with fruit, candy and small toys. With changing times, they have undergone changes too. They can now be seen in different shapes and sizes. A pinata can be seen as an animal, plant or flower. During a celebration, children are seen playing around the piñata. Eventually it is hit hard, breaking it to release the candies and toys it contains. Making a pinata is quite easy, especially if you follow the directions that follow.
How to Make a Pinata
  • The process of making a piñata starts with inflating a rubber balloon. This will serve to be the body of your piñata. Inflate the balloon in accordance with the size of the piñata you want to make. For this purpose, a round balloon is best.
  • To protect your work area from being soiled, lay down some newspapers.
  • For the preparation of the mixture, fill a bowl with flour. Add water, until you have a thick mixture. The consistency of the paste should be as that of "glue" as this will help you in pasting the newspaper pieces together.
  • For preparing the base, tear some newspaper into strips of about 1 inch or 1½ inches width. Dip these strips into the flour mixture, to prepare a papier - mâché paste. The newspaper should be just saturated, but not dripping.
  • Cover the balloon completely with the newspaper strips dipped in the papier - mache paste. Add several layers of strips but not too much or the piñata will be too difficult to break.
  • After this, set your balloon aside to let it dry. It should become stiff and no longer wet or sticky to the touch.
  • Decide the shape of the piñata which can be anything such as an animal, a character, a shape etc.
  • After this, decorate your piñata by painting it into a single color. Smoothen out the paper and to create a plain surface. Make sure that the color you are using matches the newspapers at the base.
  • You can make an opening in the piñata with the help of a serrated knife and fill it with candy, confetti or small toys.

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