Incorporate these top wedding trends to make your wedding fresh and up-to-date.

Wedding Cake Flavors

No wedding celebration is complete without a glorious, lip-smacking wedding cake. Here are some of the popular wedding cake flavors for you to explore, before you say- ‘I do’.

Best Wedding Songs Ever

Wedding songs have long set the stage for a spectacular and memorable event, but there are some that are considered the best ever. Read on to find some of the top wedding songs of all time.

How To Make A Cascading Bouquet

Cascading bouquets are an old-fashioned way to celebrate the most important day of a girl’s life - her wedding day. Here’s how to make a cascading bouquet at home.

Wedding Cake Trends 2011

Wedding cake is an essential element of a wedding. Explore the article to know about the wedding cake trends 2011.

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

If you are a maverick or simply ultra-chic, dumping the traditional dressing gown and going for something dramatic may be your call. Read on to know some non-traditional wedding dress ideas.

Fall Wedding Decorations

If you are planning to have a fall wedding and wondering about the decorations, you have come to the right place. Read on to know some of the best autumn wedding decorating ideas right here.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Proper selection of fall wedding flowers is very important; to make sure that the venue looks outstanding. Read on to get some ideas on the best flowers for your autumn wedding.

How To Decorate Flower Girl Basket

Flower basket is an important part of your wedding. Read on to know how to decorate flower girl basket.

Wedding Shower Themes

Wedding shower is thrown in honor of both the bride and the groom. Explore the article to know about the wedding shower themes.

How To Make A Wedding Guest List

Making a wedding guest list can be tricky. Explore the article to know how to make a wedding guest list.

How To Plan A Long Distance Wedding

Planning a long distance wedding can be tricky. Explore the article to know how to plan a long distance wedding.

How To Hire A Wedding Planner

Having a wedding planner means a stress-free marriage. Explore the article to know how to hire a wedding planner.

How To Plan A Hawaiian Wedding

Hawaii is truly a dream destination for most of us. Explore this article to know how to plan a Hawaiian wedding.

Wedding Reception Themes

What better occasion can there be than your own wedding to enliven a uniquely romantic theme idea. Explore the article for some great theme ideas for a memorable wedding reception.

How To Choose Wedding Stationery

You don’t want to go wrong in any aspect in the most important day of your life — wedding. Read on to know how to choose wedding stationery.

How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding requires you to keep certain basic tips in mind. Go through this article and get all the information on how to plan an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Shower Decor Ideas

Throwing a wedding shower is fun if you know how to go about it. Here are some tips for wedding shower decor ideas.

How To Hire A DJ For Your Wedding

Hiring DJs may be one of the important bookings to be made for a marriage. In this article, we have given some tips, which will help you know how to hire a DJ for your wedding.

Summer Weddings Ideas

Summer is a perfect time for getting married and not without good reason. So if you’re thinking of saying, “I do” in summer, here are some tips and ideas for planning a summer wedding.

Decorating Ideas For A Wedding Shower

Wedding shower decoration needs to be in sync with the overall theme of the marriage. Read on to explore decorating tips and ideas for a wedding shower.

Planning A Winter Wedding

If winter is your favorite time of the year, make it more special by planning your wedding in the beautiful season. Here are some tips to help you know how to plan a winter wedding.

Decorating A Wedding Reception Hall

The first thing to consider, while decorating a wedding reception hall, is the taste of the bride and the groom. Go through the article and check out some ideas for wedding reception hall decoration.

Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas

The invitations chosen for a winter wedding should reflect the feel of the ceremony. Explore the article and get some nice ideas for the invitations for winter wedding.

How To Select Wedding Colors

Color scheme plays a pivotal role in setting the right mood for wedding. Learn how to select wedding colors, with the ideas given in the article.

Homemade Favors For Winter Wedding

Are you looking for handmade favor ideas for winter wedding? If yes, then go through the article to get information on homemade favors for winter weddings.

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