Having a wedding planner means a stress-free marriage. Explore the article to know how to hire a wedding planner.

How To Hire A Wedding Planner

A perfect wedding is probably the dream of all of us. And we have been planning for it right from our pinky frilly days. We have played grooms and brides in our childhood and wished our wedding to be as an amazing fairy tale. So when it comes to the real wedding, we want to make sure that nothing goes wrong and want to make this day as special as possible for everyone involved. However, wedding involves so many minute details that it becomes almost impossible for one person to take care of it especially the bride or groom. Here comes the wedding planner in picture. Until ten years back, hiring a planner was considered boisterous and show off. However today this is not the case as hiring a wedding planner is not very costly and is affordable. Today it has become a norm for even middle class couples too. Wedding can be really stressful and as the wedding planner knows everything about it and has learnt and has experience in this field, he/she would be able to take the responsibility of keeping everything perfect till the time you walk down the aisle. Read on the pointers to know the tips for hiring a wedding planner.
Hiring A Wedding Planner
  • Before you hire a planner, ask your friends for reference who have been married before. You can check with vendors or contact a wedding association consultant.
  • Before you hire a wedding planner, take his/her interview and unless you are completely satisfied with the work the person would provide, don’t hire him/her. The planner should have a pleasant demeanor and should be exciting to work with. Remember that he/she can make or break your wedding, so have a thorough interview before you hire one.
  • Talk to the planner about your wedding budget. Talk to her/him about your dream wedding and ask the person what he/she can do to make sure the wedding goes well.
  • Give the person the list of all the services you would need and tell him/her to give you the estimate about all of it. A good planner should be able to give you an exact amount for the wedding.
  • Hire a wedding planner who has experience in holding budget marriages. Hiring a planner, who generally plans high-end wedding may cost you much as then he/she won’t be able to plan it too well.
  • Check the license, ID, member certificate etc of the planner you hire. Ask for reference letter. A wedding planner should have letters of recommendation. Do a little background search about the planner on the internet or ask people who have hired the same planner to know more about the planner.
  • Select a planner whom you get along well and who seems as excited as you do for the wedding. The planner, who just thinks of planning a wedding as mere a job, won’t be able to bring the magical touch to the wedding.
  • Ask about the fees before hiring the planner. Ask them if they take any extra fee for anything, it should be clearly specified. The planner should be able to give you a written contract.
  • Ask what would be the conditions if in case wedding is postponed or called off whether they would return the money or not.
  • Don’t make any decisions until you have fully investigated everything from the planner’s fee to the services he/she provides.
  • He/she should be able to finish the work in a timeline and should be able to handle the glitch too.
  • He/she should be able to realize your dreams in a realistic way and provide suggestions.

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