Get the latest news on Indian fashion, designers and fashion shows. Also find useful beauty tips and fashion trends in India.

How to Trim Hair

Trimming long hair is quite easy and requires just a bit of practice. Check out how to trim hair.

How To Apply Eye Shimmer

Eye shimmer lends a very stunning look to your personality. Here are tips on applying eye shimmer.

How To Buy Eye Shimmer

Want to know tips on buying eye shimmer? Keep in mind the best eye shimmer brands of India.

How To Buy Mascara

This article provides information on how to buy mascara, along with the best mascara brands available in India.

Layered Hairstyles

There are many different types of layered hairstyles that can be tried according to your face cut. Check out layered hair style cuts.

Anarkali Suits

Anarkali churidar suit is the latest fashion trend in the Indian traditional attire. Read on to get complete information in the Anarkali style churidar suits/dress.

Most Popular Prom Dress

Want to know which one is the most popular prom dress? Check out this information on hot trends in prom dresses for the year 2008.

How To Do Facials At Home

Home facials not only provide a healthy glow to your skin, but also helps save up money & time. Read to get easy home facial recipes.

Beauty Tips for Winter

The best way to beat the dryness of skin in winters is by following a few natural beauty tips. For a healthy and glowing skin, check out some home remedies for skin care in winters.

Teen Fashion 2008

Want to know what’s hot in the Indian teen circuit? Read about teenager fashion trends and style 2008 in India.

Best Diamond Brands In India

The best diamond brands in India include Adora, Tanishq, Kiah, Nirvana and D'damas. To know more about top Indian diamond retailers, read on.

How To Pick Best Foundation & Concealer

The article provides complete info on how to buy foundation & concealer, how to apply them & their best brands in India.

Botox Treatment In India

Botox treatment helps to reduce facial wrinkles. Earlier it was available only overseas, but now it can also be availed in India. Get more information about Botox treatment and its cost.


Churidars have been enhancing the beauty of Indian lasses since ages. To know about Churidaars suit designs and fashion, read on.

Cocktail Attire For Men

Cocktail party gives you an official reason to drink. Those men who are worried about how to dress for a cocktail party can make use of the tips on casual & formal party dress code attire given here.

How To Choose Eye Glasses

Choosing eyewear is not as difficult as it seems. Read this article and get acquainted about how to choose right eyeglasses / sunglasses.

Nose Piercing

Nose piercing may seem like a fad, but this practice has been around for centuries now. Read about nose piercing, points and the procedure to get nostril pierced.

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes bring about a drastic change to any face, making your eyes look more attractive. Get more information about how to use and apply fake eyelashes.

Hair Coloring At Home

Availability of hair coloring products in the market has thrown open the easy and less expensive option of dyeing one’s mane by oneself at home. Read about hair coloring tips & techniques at home.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

A number of factors are taken into account to create that perfect hairstyle for a person with a round face. This article tells you about important hairstyle tips for a round face

Shoes Fashion In 2008

To know the latest fashion and trend in shoe market in 2008, read the article given below.

How To Apply Eyeshadow

These tips, techniques and instructions on how to apply eye shadow at home will certainly aid you in applying it perfectly and without hassles.

Maternity Clothes In India

Availably of trendy maternity clothes underscores that the times of hiding growing belly under layers of fabric during pregnancy are now passé in India. Read tips on buying good maternity clothing.

Women's Winter Fashion

Read what’s hot on the fashion front in women / female clothing this winter season. Mix and match creatively to catch up on the latest fashion trends of 2008.

Short Haircuts

A short haircut style not only looks stylish on people, but is also quite easy to maintain in most cases. Read about the various types of short haircuts and advantages of keeping the hair short.

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