Cocktail party gives you an official reason to drink. Those men who are worried about how to dress for a cocktail party can make use of the tips on casual & formal party dress code attire given here.

Cocktail Attire For Men

Cocktail Parties, the latest trend in corporate parties, gives employees an official reason to drink. Infact such parties are being recognized as one of the best ways to interact with clients as well as help the employees in taking a break from the stressful life and relax a bit. When the talk is about a cocktail party, can cocktail attire be left far behind! Infact, the moment most of us hear about such a party, the first question that comes into mind is about the dress that we are going to wear. So, all those men who were till now hounded by the question of how to dress for a cocktail party, can now relax. Given here are some ideas and tips on cocktail attire for men.
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Formal Dress
In most cocktail parties, invitees are expected to turn up in formal clothes. It can be anything from a suit to a tuxedo to simple coat and trousers. In such a case, wearing a tie is often the norm. As far as the color of the formal attire is concerned, black is the ubiquitous choice - be it any season. However, you can also go for the colors that are ‘in’ presently.
Casual Dress
Many employers today want their employees to think of a cocktail party as a way to relax and take off the stress. This is one of the main reasons that some of them have started asking their employees to follow casual dress code for a cocktail party. However, it is advisable to avoid jeans. You can choose to wear button-up shirts over khakis.
How to Dress for a Cocktail Party
Given here are some tips that will help men in selecting the perfect attire for a cocktail party.
  • The mode of invitation holds a clue to the kind of party it will be. Invitation received by phone or email suggests a cocktail party that will be much more casual. Formal invitations reflect a very formal cocktail party.
  • Read the invitation to know whether there is any dress code for the party. Notes like ‘semiformal’ hint at a dark suit for men, while ‘black tie optional’ means that you can either wear a tuxedo or something like a dark suit and formal tie.
  • The fabric of the clothes to be worn at a party depends upon the season and the weather. In fall as well as in winters, dark fabrics. However, in spring season, light fabrics like linen or cotton work the best.
  • If by any chance you have to go to the party straight from the office, carry extra clothes with you. You can don a button-down shirt and blazer over your khakis or even pair your jeans with a sport coat. At the same time, make sure to carry your formal shoes with you.
  • The time at which the cocktail party is being held can also hint about the type of attire you can wear. Afternoon parties are usually less formal than a late afternoon or evening one.
  • If you are bringing a partner along with you, it is always advisable to coordinate the outfits.

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