Dressing up for a black tie event is a difficult task. Read more to know about black tie attire for women.

Black Tie Attire For Women

Black tie event offers you the perfect opportunity to flaunt your absolute best and show off your expensive jewelry and signature pieces. So, have you just received an invitation to a black tie event, which has left you wondering what black tie dress code is! Expensive appetizers, some great wines and upscale venue like art museums, botanical gardens, and luxury hotels, characterize a black tie event. At such an important social event, the last thing you want to commit is a fashion blunder. Your wardrobe might be full of pretty dresses, gowns, skirts, sequined tops and tiny black dress, but before picking any of these remember that a black tie event is a very formal event. Dressing up for a black tie event is a difficult task for women compared to men, as the confusion remains over what exactly the attire includes and what it excludes. Dressing for a black tie event doesn’t mean to be decked up like a Christmas tree. You can look stunning like Angelina Jolie just by adorning a black strapless dress, which makes her look so perfect for a black tie event. If you are confused about what to wear and what not to wear for a black tie event, here are some tips to help you. 
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How To Dress For A Black-Tie Event 
  • The first step for choosing black tie attire is to select a style and cut, which flatters your figures. Your choice of dress should be such that it highlights your assets and hide problem areas, if any. Your choice of black tie attire ranges from short cocktail dresses to long, elegant evening gowns.
  • While choosing black tie attire, remember that your choice will depend on the type of party. More lavish the party, the more formal dress you will need. Your little black dress can be fine for a drinks party but not for a more formal event, which includes drinks and dinner. So, it’s best to pick for full length skirts and dresses. Knee length dresses are generally considered semiformal.
  • Before opting for an attire consider the material and texture. For a beautiful elegant gown, you can opt for silk, satin, velvet with embroidery or beads.
  • If evening gown is not your pick then you can go for formal dressier pants. The one in rayon, suede, or sand-washed silk fabric are best for the occasion. You can pair them well with sequined, beaded, or embroidered tops.
  • If you are opting for two-piece ensemble then you have a wide variety of options. You can pair your velvet skirt with a beaded stretch top or a satin skirt with a silk organza blouse.
  • The options for black tie attire are unlimited. You can consider revealing neckline or a plunging back depending on the call of the event. If the event is a fundraiser then it demands conservative attire and not revealing dresses. So, it’s best to make your choice according to the occasion.
  • While picking your black tie attire, don’t stick to only black color. Choose the color, which complement your complexion. You can also pick from colors like deep reds and plums, silver, gold, or bright pastels shades.
  • To complete your look, you need to accessorize well. So, choose a hairstyle, which is different from your everyday’s look. Try an updo or braided hairstyle options, as they are best for a formal occasion.
  • Select a pair of earrings, which complement the tones and trims of your outfit. You can opt for pearls, diamonds, or even gold, depending on your dress. Opt for a thick bracelet to give an added look.
  • When it comes to makeup, either go for more pronounced lips or dramatic eyes. However, avoid both together as it will make you appear overly decked up. 
  • Select a mini bag or clutch in the same color or material as that of your dress, to complete the look.
  • Complete your black tie attire by wearing the right kind of footwear. You can opt for stylish evening sandals, dress shoes or open-toe shoes. But before picking your shoes, remember that they shouldn’t be too gaudy both in color and design.  

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