Cocktail dress code can either be formal or casual. Check out ideas for cocktail party attire for women.

Cocktail Attire For Women

Women, all over the world, turn absolutely clueless when it comes to dressing up for a party. More so, when it is a cocktail party we are talking about, you can very well visualize a woman running helter-skelter to the store to buy that perfect cocktail attire. The little-black-dress never goes out of fashion, but how about you think different for a change? Due to the variety of formal and casual choices available these days, it becomes kind of hard to choose the one that looks best on you. However, keeping a few things in mind and going by your instincts is sure to help you in finding that perfect little cocktail party attire. Read on for ideas on cocktail party attire for a woman.
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Cocktail Party Dress Ideas
  • The very first thing to look for is the invitation. If it is an informal one, like a phone call or an e-mail without any specifications on dress code, you can dress up in informal attire like a knee-length skirt with a halter neck shirt or a fitting blouse. In case of a formal invitation, consider it to be a dressy event, more so if it involves a charity or an event.
  • Choose the fabrics according to the climate. Opt for a wool-blended fabric or dress for winters and light playful fabrics like silk, rayon, satin, etc. for summers. It is a cocktail party, so don’t plan to wear that fully sequined gown! Save it for a wedding or some other party.
  • A formal cocktail party after work calls for a business suit as it may involve high profile clients or the members from the upper management. You may take a change of dress with yourself. Since it is a party, consider accessorizing with scarves, stoles or a classy belt. Dash a hint of make up and accentuate your best facial features for a fresh look.
  • In case you wear informal clothes to office, consider taking a change of dress with yourself if the party is after work. You don’t want to enter the party in shabby and un-ironed clothes and look like you have been doing some serious manual work! A light spaghetti dress is perfect for summer evenings while a woolen skirt with an embroidered cardigan should be fine for winters.
  • If the party is on a weekend afternoon or early evening, it is supposed to be a more casual affair. Opt for a colorful A-line dress and pair it with a satin or silk stole or shoulder wrap. Make sure your dress reaches till the knees as anything shorter is not recommended.

There are many cocktail parties that have a casual dress code for women. For casual cocktail party attire, you may team up a halter neck long frock in a light pastel shade that fits at the waist. You may wear slim pants in a light fabric along with turtle neck shirt. Do up your hair nicely, apply make-up and don’t forget kitten heels or wedges to go with your attire.

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