A belt is one of the coolest accessories in a man’s wardrobe. Here are some tips explaining how to buy a formal, casual or party wear belt.

How to Buy a Belt

Do you feel uncomfortable and imperfect without a belt around your belly? If yes, then it’s the right time to buy yourself a collection of ‘just perfect’ belts.  Belts are not just a piece of leather or cloth to hold your trouser or jeans, but they can be unique fashionable accessories too. If you choose a right belt, you can not only enhance your personality but your complete style statement too.
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While a tie is an embodiment of a man’s inner self, a belt provides a balance and proportion to his body. You should be very careful while purchasing your accessories, particularly while buying a belt. If not selected as per your body type, it can ruin your personality.
Still, scores of Indian males really are unaware of how to buy a right belt for themselves. Don’t worry at all!! We are here to help you. Here are some tips gathered from various fashion experts to help you choose a perfect belt for your wardrobe:
  • While buying a belt have a look on its tag, indicating the size of a belt. Preferably, buy a belt whose size is bigger than your waist size. For example, if your waist size is 32, buy a belt of size 36 or 40.
  • Also, consider the width of the belts seriously while shopping. Belts, one or one and a half inches wide are ideal for formal wear. If it’s over two inches wide, it falls under the casual category.
  • Always look out for a belt which is not costlier than your shoes or clothes. At the same time, never buy a belt that’s so cheap as to make your outfit and appearance shabby.  
  • The length of the belt should be such so as to make it easier for you to buckle it tightly in the middle hole.
  • Remember the color and finish of your shoes before finalizing a belt. This is because of a thumb rule according to which the color of both, the belt and shoes should match.
  • All types of belts have some types of tightening clamps or buckles. While shopping for a belt remember that flat and long buckles go well with formal apparels. Whereas, the big, bulky and flashy buckles are meant for party wear and casual dresses.
  • If you are buying a belt for work, go for leather belts that have a glossy and reflective finish. For informal events you can choose amongst the canvas or cloth belts.
  • Leave the printed, studded, cowboy belts or the ones in unusual colors for celebrities and fashion models. Even if you are buying the belt for a party, analyze your personality and choose the belt accordingly.

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