Applying lipstick perfectly requires a little patience and precision. Here are guidelines on how to apply lipstick.

How to Apply Lipstick

A sure shot way of pumping up your looks with minimal efforts is by applying a lipstick. Amongst the easiest of all make-up procedures, applying a lipstick can do wonders for your look. It can transform you from a Plain-Jane to a gorgeous lady, who can actually make heads turn as she passes by! Choosing a lipstick is also crucial for achieving that perfect look. If you have a dusky complexion, go in for browns, neutrals and brown reds. If you have a fair complexion, go in for peaches and pinks. Your lips must always be exfoliated to get rid of dead skin and make them look soft and supple. Here’s how to apply a lipstick.
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You Need
  • Lip Balm
  • Lip Brush
  • Lip Liner
  • Lipstick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Tissues
Tips & Procedure
  • Wear a lipstick according to the occasion. If it is for daily work, there is no need for foundation or concealer. If it is for a party, apply foundation prior to the application of lipstick and make sure you apply it evenly at the corners of the mouth to avoid any fine lines.
  • Don’t use foundation or concealer on your lips. Instead, apply some lip balm to make it soft, as it will enable the lipstick to glide smoothly.
  • Now, with the lip pencil or lip liner, carefully give shape to your lips. It is not necessary to match it with your lipstick. You can also apply a neutral tone that will give shape to your lips and prevent the lipstick from spreading out.
  • Take the lip brush and dab lipstick on it. Try not to apply lipstick directly in one go. With a lip brush, the application is smoother and the color lasts longer too.
  • Stretch your lips by smiling wide and slowly drag the brush along the lower lip, from one end to the other.
  • Be careful while applying it on the upper lip. Stretch it and apply carefully within the lip line, carefully tapering at the corners of the mouth.
  • Don’t hesitate to apply it at the corners, just be careful not to smudge it. Make sure the lipstick does not spread outside the lip line.
  • Take some tissue and blot it once on your lips just to make sure that excess lipstick is absorbed. Now, if you think the lipstick has become too light, apply it directly on your lips once.
  • In case you want some extra shine, apply a hint of gloss just at the center of the lower lips and press your lips together. Don’t apply generous doses of gloss on your entire lip. With that done, you are set to begin your day with that perfect smile!

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