Applying kaajjal needs patience and persistence as you apply it just inside your lower eye lid. Read tips & procedure on how to apply Kaajal (Kohl).

How to Apply Kajal

Kajal has been used by women since times immemorial to beautify their eyes and lend a soft look to their face. Not just for beautification, kajal, when prepared in the traditional style has medicinal properties as well and is said to cure and prevent many eye-ailments. Even today, in urban as well as rural households, grandmothers line up the eyes of babies and infants with home-made kajal to beautify the eyes and keep eye ailments at bay.
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The kajal is made by collecting soot from an oil lamp and mixing it with clarified butter. It is usually cooled in a fridge or kept at room temperature to provide cooling effect when applied. These days, many brands have come up with their own eye pencils and kaajal. So you may apply it directly in your eyes with the pencil or choose to apply it with your finger. Here’s how to apply kajal and make your eyes look gorgeous.
  • Make sure your eyes are clean or else wash them. There should not be any dust or an eye-lash as it may irritate the eyes if it smudges with the kaajal.
  • Apply a bit of moisturizer around the eyes just in case there is dryness. If it is oily, dab some face powder or wipe off the oil with a tissue.
  • Very carefully, pull down the lower eye lid, just enough to expose the inner lid line.
  • Now take the pencil and ensure that the tip is a bit blunt so that it doesn’t poke you sharp. Slowly, drag it on the lower eye lid along the contour. Start from the inner eye to the outside.
  • If you are hesitant about using pencil, take some kajal on the tip of your finger and apply it smoothly along the lower eye lid contour. Applying kajal on the lower rim of the eye makes it look very soft.
  • You may also apply it on the upper lid of the eye with the eye pencil. Just close one eye and pull it slightly to stretch the upper eye lid. Carefully, line the lid contour with the eye pencil and get that smoky look, which make the eyes look absolutely mysterious.

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