Read instructions on how to buy kajal (Kohl) and also check out the leading and some the best kajal brands of India.

Kajal Buying Tips

Kajal is one of the most popular make-up appliances worn by women. They enhance the eyes, make them look bigger and lend a much defined look to the face. Even if you wear no make up but just line your eyes with some kajal, you will look a lot different. Different women have different styles of wearing kajal. Some prefer applying it with the finger tip, some prefer a pencil and some may opt for a liquid liner. To know how to buy kajal, you need to look at certain important aspects and your particular style.
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  • If you use the kajal pencil, go for a reputed brand. Some prefer a thick pencil while some prefer a thin one. Make sure the tip is not broken or blunt. At the same time, it should be smoothly rounded off at the top making it look a bit sharp, but not so much that it pokes you in the eye.
  • When going for a liquid one, make sure that the brush or the applicator does not have a distorted tip and is pointed perfectly. The consistency should be just perfect, not too thick and not too thin. Since you will be lining the inner lid of the eye, replace it as soon as it thickens or the brush wears out.
  • Some brands of kajal are also available in powder from. Please read the instruction manual carefully before applying it. Check the manufacturing date and then buy a reputed brand.
  • Do not buy kajal from roadside vendors who claim to have made them at home and talk of their medicinal properties. Most of them are made under unhygienic conditions and may irritate the eye if applied on a regular basis.
  • In case your eye feels dry or starts to water after using kajal even of a reputed brand, discontinue immediately. If the irritation or any redness persists, don’t use kajal inside the eyes and show to a doctor. Use liquid liner on the upper eye lid instead.
Best Kajal Brands in India
Given here are some of the best brands of kajal that are available in India. You can find them at most of the stores that sell cosmetics. Else, you may also go to their exclusive outlets to purchase kajal. These are available in the form of pencil, liquid liner and the ones that can be applied with finger.
  • Blue Heaven
  • Chanel
  • Eyetex
  • Lakme
  • Lancom
  • Lotus
  • MAC
  • Maybelline
  • Revlon
  • Shenaz
  • Streetwear

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