Got bored of your old hairstyle? Don’t worry. Just read on to know the latest trends in men haircut and various hairstyles prevalent in India.

Latest Trends In Men’s Hairstyles

Do you own the same haircut that you had in your college days? Would you like to completely alter your looks with the ‘in-fashion’ and trendy hairstyles which suit’s your lifestyle? Then go ahead and explore the 'just perfect' hairstyles and haircuts that will make you look more energetic, young, smart & sexy.
Earlier, people had less haircut options in India. But, as the time passed, Indian men became well-conscious of personal grooming. Nowadays, they don’t hesitate to experiment with the most trendy and cool hairstyles. Here are some of the latest trends prevalent in men haircut and hairstyles, in India:
Short hairstyles 
Short hairstyles are immensely popular amongst the Indian males. Some of these hairstyles add a touch of sophistication and class to a man’s overall personality. The best part of keeping short hairstyles is that, short hair needs less maintenance and care. On the other hand, these hairstyles can be very sporty and trendy too. All you need to do is apply the right amount of hair gel or mousse to get that ‘perfect look’.
There is a large variety of short hairstyles that are often done by the Indian men. ‘Spikes’, ‘Crew Cut’ and ‘Mushroom Cut’ are the few best examples of popular short hairstyles amongst the Indian males.
Medium Hairstyles 
The current medium hairstyles which are quite popular amongst the Indian youth, represents a messy and a wild look. You can get this look yourselves too. All you need to do is, do not comb your hair after a shower. Apply a generous amount of hair gel or mousse and mess up your hair with your fingertips, without letting them fall on your face.
One of the most popular medium hairstyles amongst the adult Indian males is the ‘Caesar Cut’. This hairstyle goes well with the personalities of young, college going boys and some of the middle-aged professionals.Another adequate example of a medium hairstyle is the ‘Rock Haircut’. This type of hairstyle suits those individuals who have thick and healthy hair.
Medium hairstyles can be streaked with hair colors to enhance their fashion appeal. Many famous actors in Bollywood have portrayed themselves on-screen in cool medium hairstyles.
Long Hairstyles 
Long hairstyles never get off the Indian fashion scenario. Lately, many Bollywood super stars were mesmerized by the ‘long hairstyle mania’. Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Hritik Roshan are to name a few. The recent one was the ‘King Khan’ himself.

If you are impressed by the aura and charm of these actors, then you too can opt for a long hairstyle. Choose a long and lean hairstyle with the length of your hair above the shoulder level. You can keep your hair uniformly long or go for a layered cut to make them look trendier. Hair accessories like hair bands can be used to keep your hair well-managed all day long.

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