Want to know tips on buying eye shimmer? Keep in mind the best eye shimmer brands of India.

How To Buy Eye Shimmer

Want to have stunning eyes that can literally hypnotize anyone? Then you need to buy the perfect eye shimmer that can literally transform dull eyes into a lively and scintillating pair of seductive eyes. Eye shimmer, like the eye shadow, is available in both powder and cream form. The eye shimmer is usually applied as evening make up to create a glamorous look. Here’s how to buy eye shimmer for yourself.  
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  • Don’t compromise on brands. Though they may be a bit expensive, a one time investment in a good brand of eye shimmer will ensure that your eyes are not harmed in any way.
  • If you are planning to buy eye shimmer for a particular event, then buy one that goes with your dress. Get a silver or a very light blue if your dress is blue, a peach eye shimmer if you are wearing shades of orange, a light pink if your dress is in the shade of pink and so on.
  • The most popular choice of colors is gold, silver and rust/copper. These can be teamed up with almost any attire and lend a very distinct look to your make-up, usually in evening.
  • Go in for a powder eye-shimmer if you have oily skin and a cream based eye-shimmer for a normal skin. Buy a decent applicator brush and don’t use that brush for other make-up like eye-shadows.
Best Eye Shimmer Brands

There are many good eye shimmer brands available in India. Here is a brief listing of them. 

  • Avon - You can buy Avon eye shimmer at the selected outlets of the brand across the country. They are available in a variety of shades and have been the choice of millions of women around the world. 
  • Clinique - The Clinique eye-shimmer is available in a variety of shades with select stores. The high definition eye shimmer lends a glamorous as well as a soft look when worn appropriately. 
  • Elizabeth Arden - This brand is renowned for its range of eye shimmers that have been very popular with women in India. They last long and are skin-friendly.
  • Estee Lauder - The luminous and creamy shades of the Estee Lauder eye shimmer are also very popular in India. 
  • Lakme - Lakme has a wide range of eye-shimmer with an undertone of silver that are available in the form of an eye-pencil. 
  • Lancome - Available in wet and dry consistency, Lancome eye shimmers provide a rich look when worn and adds a touch of brilliance when exposed in light.
  • MAC - Available in shades of gold, cream and other metallic, the MAC eye shimmers are available in the form of eye pencils as well that can be used to line the eyes.
  • Max Factor - The eye shimmer in Max Factor are available along with a set of matching eye shadow shades. Use the shimmer as a highlighter, instead of the color.
  • Maybelline - The eye shimmer range in Maybelline are light and lustrous that has the perfect dose of shimmer to lend a glamorous look when worn.
  • Oriflame - The Oriflame eye shimmer provides the perfect amount of dazzle. They can be bought from the local beauty parlors or their agents.
  • Revlon - The eye shimmer range in Revlon starts from the lightest to the boldest shades, providing a wide variety to varied customers.

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