Eye shimmer lends a very stunning look to your personality. Here are tips on applying eye shimmer.

How To Apply Eye Shimmer

How often have you envied those celebrities in Page3 parties looking absolutely stunning with those ultra-glamorous eyes? Well, you can definitely have such lovely eyes in less than 20 minutes! All you need to have is appropriate eye shimmer, make up brush and patience! Follow these tips and guidelines given below that will tell you the correct way to apply eye shimmer. So get set, make heads turn and hypnotize people as you confidently strut in that club with those glamorous eyes.  
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  • Wash your face thoroughly and tap it dry with a towel. Apply some moisturizer just in case you have dry skin. Blend it nicely around your eyes and make sure it is evenly spread.
  • Apply concealer/compact all over the face and blend it evenly around the eyes to conceal dark circles, fine lines, moles, etc. Apply make up to the rest of the face before proceeding to the eyes.
  • Apply a bit of eye shadow to define the color and match it according to your attire. If you have an eye pencil of the same color, you can line the lower lid of your eyes with it.
  • Now very carefully take a bit of the eye shimmer on a brush. Apply it gently over the eye lid in one direction, preferably from inside to outside. If you are not confident about the powder shimmer, just wet your brush a bit and squeeze out excess water with your fingertips. Now, ‘draw’ a fine line with it over the eye lid.
  • Dip the tip of the brush in the powder and gently drag it over that wet line. The powder will stick nicely to your eyes. If you feel you have taken a bit too much of eye shimmer, just blot it out carefully with a tissue.
  • Cream based eye shimmer is easier to apply. You need to have a spongy flat brush to apply it evenly. Dust it with a hint of translucent powder for a glamorous look.
  • If you want to be innovative and not use the shimmer on eye lids, follow this. Sprinkle some eye shimmer on your mascara brush and apply it on your lashes. It looks fabulous and lends a distinct look to you.

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