Anarkali churidar suit is the latest fashion trend in the Indian traditional attire. Read on to get complete information in the Anarkali style churidar suits/dress.

Anarkali Suits

After the short kameez (shirt), it is again the time for the long kameez to come back in fashion. For quite sometime, traditional functions (like wedding) have seen females wearing the short shirts, with parallels, churidars or salwars. Now, it’s the time to see long shirts, at times ending just above the ankle, worn along with churidars. Talking about long shirts, the trend of Anarkali suits has come back once again. The latest fashion style to emerge in the market for traditional Indian attire, the suit is today seen making its presence felt almost everywhere, right from wedding parties to jagrans to everyday wear.
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Anarkali style churidar suit dresses do have a traditional touch to them. This is the reason why they are preferred on formal occasions, like wedding, festival and other ceremonies. Unlike what most people believe, such suits are not meant for the slim women only. Rather, the flare is adjusted, depending upon the size of the woman who has to wear it. In case of healthy women, the flare is reduced a bit, to make sure that it does not add to her bulk. On the other hand, thin women can go for as much flare as they want. As for the bodice, it is tightly fitted and thus, enhances the figure of almost any and every woman.
The Look
Still confused about the Anarkali look? Try remembering Madhubala in the song ‘Pyar kiya to darna kya’ from ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ or Madhuri in the song ‘Aaja Nachle’ from the movie ‘Aaja Nachle’. Now, got it? Anarkali suits are worn with churidars (a tightly-fit trouser, which has a buttoned cuff at the ankle and falls into folds at the end) and the footwear usually comprises of Punjabi juttis. As far as the kameez is concerned, it is figure-hugging till the upper torso and below that, it turns into a frock and gets a lot of flare.
Fabrics & Colors
Anarkali suits usually come in flowing materials, which allow the frock-like style (below the bodice) to have a free flow. More often than not, Materials like crepes, georgettes, silks and brocades are the ones that are preferred to make such suits. As for the colors that are most popular in the Anarkali suits, it depends upon occasion as well as overall weather conditions. While bright colors are opted for formal occasions and in winters, pastel shades rule the roost in everyday wear and the summer season.
Formal Occasions
The Anarkali suits that are worn on formal occasions somewhat differ from those donned in everyday life. In case of formal suits, the shirt (kameez), especially its bodice, is heavily embellished. More often than not, the frock below the bodice has embroidered borders only. The work done on the shirts includes use of sequins, embroideries, stones and other embellishments. Sometimes, zardozi work is also done on the Anarkali suits. The price of the formal suits starts from somewhere around Rs 2000 and can go up to any limit.

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