Want to know what’s hot in the Indian teen circuit? Read about teenager fashion trends and style 2008 in India.

Teen Fashion 2008

With globalization catching up at a rapid speed in India, can global fashion be far behind! The modern Indian teen is aware of the latest in fashion and knows what’s hot and what’s not. If you thought girls were the only ones who cared for fashion, it is time to get your facts right! Teenage boys are equally conscious and overt about the latest trends and compromise on nothing when it comes to looking good. With the advent of the New Year 2008, we present some hot fashion trends and styles are that are going to be popular amongst teenagers in this year. Check it out and remain stylish!
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The Ladies…
All you pretty girls, make sure you stack up your wardrobe with stuff that is going to be hot this year. Throw away those ill-fitting clothes and buy yourself an entirely new variety that will enhance the best features of your body and make you look absolutely stylish. Follow these style tips and trends for staying “in”.
  • Get funky and striped sleeveless tees and kurtas for yourself. They can be teamed with jeans and can be accessorized with a chunky belt, in any color. Belts that are made of metal and look like jeweled waistbands are absolutely hot this year, so don’t forget to buy one of those.
  • However much we fret about denims, these snug, comfy and extremely stylish clothes never go out of fashion. Make sure you buy a decent pair that has a little flare at the ankles. Jeans with embellishments may look a bit gaudy, but you can always hunt down a pair that has simple crystals just around the pockets.
  • Skirts are definitely in and if you have great legs, wear a short skirt with black tights that reach just below the knees. Team it up with a funky tee-shirt and floaters. It makes a great attire for a casual day out with friends.
  • Buy a denim caprice that is slightly flared at the ends for a new stylish look. You may also buy them in khaki and neutral colors. They look fantastic and lend that casual atmosphere to your personality.
Trust guys to add spunk to any style! This year, be ready to see teenage guys sporting some of the hottest styles. The year 2008 promises to be a mixed bag for teenage boys. The major highlight of this year will be a look that will have a variety of styles, matched up together. Totally baggy look is out and so are cargo pants. Accessories for boys will become the hottest style statement, while experimenting with different styles is the keyword here!
  • Get caps and hats in different styles. Golf caps, baseball caps, knitted caps in different colors are hot this season. You can wear them with just about anything, except formal attire.
  • Stock up your wardrobe with accessories like chains, belts, wrist bands, rings, etc. Always remember that your belt and shoes must be of the same color. You can in fact get a large variety of belts in different styles, colors and materials.
  • Hot colors for this season are blues, khakis and browns. Subtlety is the highlight for 2008. However, with the right attitude you can go for a totally contrasting attire like a combo of black and white, denims and red, olive green and khaki, etc.
  • Buy clothes that fit you and highlight your best features. Avoid buying tee-shirts that come down to your knees and pants that look as though they are going to slip off the moment you sit! Loose fits are ok, as long they look neat and not shabby.

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