Churidars have been enhancing the beauty of Indian lasses since ages. To know about Churidaars suit designs and fashion, read on.


If the long-leg look is what you have always yearned for, then churidar is the right pick for you. Churidars are basically popular as they enhance the beauty of the legs revealing their curvy contours. The charismatic appeal of the attire lies in the amount of flexibility it has; as just a change here and there, and you are ready to catch eyes, with that exuberant modernity blended with ethnicity. So, in case you have always envied those hot Bollywood babes with long sleek legs and flowing royalty, Churidars are here for you to give yourself a kick. To know more about the latest trend in churidars, read on.
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The Past…
Churidars are basically tightly fitting trousers that can be worn by both men and women. They are wide at the top and quite narrow at the ankle. The length of the churidar is longer as compared to the leg and often have buttoned cuff at the ankle. This excess length falls into folds and appears like bangles. This led it to its name Churidar, with ‘churi’ meaning bangles and ‘dar’ meaning like. Churidars are essentially worn with a kameez (fitting over shirt) by women and with kurta (loose over shirt) by men. In the ancient times, churidars were worn by Mughal rulers and Kathak dancers, teamed with a fitted bodice and skirt ensemble.
The Present Fashion Statement
Churidars are versatile and evergreen as they can be worn with long as well as short kameez and kurtas. You can team them up with a dupatta or a shawl for a feminine look. To add to its splendor, wear some matching jewelry to complete the look. For a more chic look, you can group the churidar with a slightly loose, short knee length kameez, without dupatta. For finishing touch wear some ethnic jewelry and footwear. Just in case, you like the girl-next-door look, minus the jewelry and still look hot.
For Special Days…
Owing to their popularity and ethnic look, Churidars are also available for special occasions. As a result, they are available in different fabrics such as, Silk, raw silk, cotton, prints, georgettes, etc. You can even find them in rich designs and heavy embroidery to spill the dazzle around. Churidars have even undergone transformation in their real nature. This implies that you can now find straight Churidars, without folds or with very less folds. Its length is kept just up to the ankle; which at times is embellished with embroidery or sequin work. Anarkali suit style is the new chic on the block, reviving the grandeur of the yester years.
So, for all the pretty lasses out there who want to sizzle with the beauty, romanticism and ecstasy associated with the lovelorn Anarkali of Mughal-e-Azam, it is the ideal choice for them. Its frills, drapery will flatter you and your curves, making you feel like a princess. Thus, the crux of the matter is that churidars are here to stay for a long time to come. Besides, the designers and the style gurus will keep exploring the fashion possibilities this Indian attire has, to keep you looking good, with an increased charm and beauty.

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