Choosing eyewear is not as difficult as it seems. Read this article and get acquainted about how to choose right eyeglasses / sunglasses.

How To Choose Eye Glasses

‘The eye is the jewel of the body.’ Henry David Thoreau was absolutely right in his judgment of eyes. And this is also true that weak eyes are fondest of glittering objects. However nowadays, weak eyesight is not a problem, infact it gives a perfect reason to people to bring about a change in their looks. Thanks to the vast range of eyeglasses that not only improve your vision, but also act as a fashion accessory which augments your looks. Gone are the days when eye glasses were considered to detract your looks. Actually, it is so much in that many people (without any eyesight problem) wear plain glasses just to enhance their looks.
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The right pair of eyewear can make you look fabulous, while a wrong one could simply result into the opposite. Choosing right pair of eye glasses or sun glasses is really important. Care should be taken to choose frame which suits you and your lifestyle. Usually the shape of the face and hairstyle are taken into consideration before choosing the eye glasses. Then whether the shape of your face is oval, round, oblong, square, diamond or rectangle, always grab a contrasting shaped frame equating the shape of your face. Check out how to choose right eyeglasses for yourself.
  • Firstly, stand in front of the mirror and analyze the shape of your face by pulling your hair back, if necessary in a ponytail.  
  • Take into account that oval or egg-shaped faces can look great with any type of frame.
  • In case you have long and thin face, go for larger frames in round, triangular shapes or you can also rely on wide, rectangular shapes. This will make your face appear wider and shorter.
  • People having square shaped face, or to put in simple words - wide forehead and cheeks along with an angular chin, should prefer round frames made of thin metal.  
  • Always remember round faces are generally fuller, comprising a moderate chin, wide cheeks and small cheekbones. For such faces, rectangular frames work better.
  • Heart-shaped face that includes wide forehead and small chin looks balanced with frames, which are wide at the bottom rather than the top.
  • Compliment a diamond-shaped face that has a narrow forehead, broad temples and an angular chin, with geometric or oval shaped small frames to lessen the distance between your temples.
  • In case you have facial hair like beard, prefer smaller frames as large frames hide such features.
  • Person with small head should always prefer small frames. Ensure that the wideness of your frame not surpass the widest part of your face.
  • If you have a large head, choose large frames with which you feel comfortable. Check their fit and don’t take frames that seem to squeeze your face or temples.
  • While buying eyeglasses, ensure that your eyes are positioned in the middle of the lens. Avoid large frames, provided your eyes are close-set.
  • The top bar of the frames should align with the eyebrows.
  • Frames come in different materials like plastic, titanium, gunmetal and other metals. Always choose the frame according to your use. Metal frames are quite better for rough and tough use. Rimless frames are quite delicate so they require extra care.
  • Another important point is to take a peer along with you, whose choice is similar to you, who can see and tell you, what suits you the most.

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