These tips, techniques and instructions on how to apply eye shadow at home will certainly aid you in applying it perfectly and without hassles.

How To Apply Eyeshadow

The most obvious feature that accentuates a face is the eyes. So, while applying eye make-up, a very important element to focus upon is the eye-shadow. The perfect eye-shadow can go a long way is making those mysterious eyes look al the more beautiful. Applying eye-shadow at home might be a bit tedious, but it is most certainly not impossible. A little practice, patience and a little refinement here and there can make you a perfectionist with eye-shadows. Are you on the look out for tips, instructions and techniques for applying eye-shadow at home? Here’s how to do it the right way.
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  • The first and foremost step is to have a good eye-shadow applicator or brush. It must be long enough for you to hold comfortably like a pen. A slightly rounded sponge-brush at one end and a square bristle-brush on the other end should be apt.
  • Begin by dusting the eye lid with some loose powder to give base. Some people also use concealer for dark circles, but make sure that it blends perfectly with the skin.
  • Choose the shade that is in sync with your skin tone. Pinks, peaches, light oranges look fine on fair people and browns, gold, copper, etc. look fine on dusky people. In case you are planning to match it with the color of your clothes, pick a shade closest to the color.
  • Make sure you have three shades of the color you have chosen. The lightest color will be on the upper eye-lid, the medium will cover the eye lid and the darkest shade will line the eye-lid just above the lashes.
  • Start with the application of the lightest shade all over the eye lid, so as to form a color base and highlight the eyes. Next, apply the medium shade on the central area of the eye lid. This brings out the color of your eyes. Lastly, line the lashes with the dark shade by moving the brush along the lash line at an inclined angle.
  • To avoid contrast lines, blend the three shades very lightly and smoothly with the brush. Do not use your finger as you may wipe off the eye-shadow or make it look smudgy.
  • If you think the eye-shadow is too dark, just take the powder puff, shake off extra powder and press it gently over the eye-lid to make it absorb the color. You may also do this with a tissue paper.

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