Do not let those dimmed lights and shadowy rooms hide the alluring and mystique nature of your eyes. Read the article to find tips on how to apply eye makeup for night time.

How To Apply Eye Makeup For Nighttime

“Your eyes are the window to your soul.” A very popular and true cliché, eyes are indeed uniquely beautiful, as they bring out the individuality of each face. Though eyes are singularly extremely striking, their beauty can be enhanced even further, by carefully applying eye makeup. Makeup can convert your soulful eyes into sultry ones in a matter of minutes, giving your face a new definition. While it is easy to apply eye makeup for the day look, when it comes to night time makeup, you need to add streaks of creativity and style to get that perfect look. Though the technique followed is the same for both day and night makeup, makeup for the dark hours requires dramatic effects. While applying night time makeup, you can either completely remove your daytime makeup and start afresh or simply touch up various parts of your face. This article deals with applying eye makeup for evening and night parties and events. Read on to know the different tips for the same.
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Night Time Eye Makeup Tips
  • Start by washing and cleaning your face using a face wash. Next, apply a moisturizer to your entire face, using upward motion from the neck.
  • Covering the entire eye area from eyebrows to the lash line, apply a shadow base.
  • Now, apply eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer. Similarly, line the bottom of your eyes also. Use a black liner since it is night time however, you can go for brown or a smoke color too. Stay away from bright colors like purples and greens.
  • Smudge your liner using a Q-tip. Make sure that the liner is smudged and well blended and is not just a fine line.
  • Next, apply a black, plum, brown or any darkest eye shadow halfway towards the outer area of your eye and smudge it towards the halfway onto the eyebrow bone.
  • The eye shadow that you have applied on the smudged liner will stick to the eye liner and help the shade to set on the eyes.
  • Once this is done, apply a medium shade of eye shadow on the eyelids. You can even use gold, silver or bronze eye shadow to add glow and glimmer to your night makeup.
  • Highlight the brow bone area with colors like simple beige, light wheat, white or platinum. Avoid bright frosty colors.
  • Apply one or two coats of mascara. You can even touch up your eyelashes with a few strokes on the tips.
  • Clear up your under eye area of any fallen shadow. You can apply loose powder on this area before applying eye makeup and sweep it away once the makeup is done.
  • To further enhance the glamour of your night time makeup, dust glitter or sparkle around the eyes, on cheekbones or in décolletage.
Additional Tips
  • If you have small eyes, use liners and shadows only half way. Avoid lining the entire eye. This would make your eyes appear larger.
  • Always use a nude or more neutral lipstick to balance your more prominent eye makeup. Delicate eye makeup can be matched with darker, more defined lips.

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