Dark eye makeup gives a sensuous and mysterious look to the eyes. In case you are looking for tips and techniques on how to apply dark eye makeup, go through the following article.

How To Apply Dark Eye Makeup

The eyes are the most prominent feature in a person’s face, defining the entire look of a person. A lot can be deduced from a person’s eyes. This is the main reason as to why most women love to deck up and enhance the appearance of their eyes, which rightly justifies the increasing demand for eye makeup these days. While some love to play with light shades that pass on a neutral hue to the eyes, it is the sophisticated and mysterious dark look that charms most females. Dark colors not only make your eyes stand out, but also gets that unrivalled attention. Though not difficult to apply, dark eye makeup can easily go wrong with the slightest carelessness. With simple dark eye makeup tips and techniques given here, you can certainly flaunt your sensuous eyes with pride and become the center of attraction at any gathering.
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Tips & Technique To Apply Dark Eye Makeup
Technique 1
  • The first step would be to apply a primer to your eyelids so that the makeup will not crease or fade away after applying.
  • Next, apply a dark color with a creamy texture on your eyelids. This will form as a base for the eye shadow, giving it a firm base to stick to.
  • Blend the color throughout your eyelids either with a stiff synthetic brush or your fingers.
  • Now, pat some dark eye shadow on a stiff eye shadow brush. Work the shade on your eyelids slowly to prevent fallout and excess application. In case you have dark brown eyes, the best would be to go for shades like black or deep tones of grey or navy blue.
  • Using a fluffy blending brush, blend the edges of the eyelids towards the direction of the temple and crease.
  • The area under the brow can either be left free or colored with a light tone to enhance the darkness of the eyes. Apply a concealer to the area under the brows and blend downwards into the dark eye shadow.
  • Now, apply a highlight flesh tone under the eyebrows ending into the crease.
  • Blend the tone with the fluffy blending brush used to apply the eye shadow. Merge the tone with the leftover color in the brush, avoiding using any more of it, to bring out a smooth gradient.
  • Apply eyeliner to your eyes and add two coats of mascara to your lashes.
Technique 2
  • Prime your eyes with a good eyelid primer.
  • Apply a light eye shadow under our eyebrows and blend it downwards towards the crease.
  • Apply lots of dark blue or grey shade to the center eyelid. Now, blend it with the already applied lighter shade.
  • Using a crease brush, apply a black eye shadow to the crease and blend it well with the other two shades.
  • Smudge the black eye shadow along the lower eyelash line.
  • Line your eyes with black eyeliner and apply two coats of mascara to your lashes to intensify the look.
  • While applying dark shadows, be careful since they are likely to get messy and fall on other face parts such as the cheekbones.
  • Work slowly to intensify the color and your eyes.

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