There are many simple eye makeup application techniques that can be used in everyday life. Find tips on how to apply eye make up.

How To Apply Eye Make Up

The first feature that is noticed in a person is the eyes. Eyes can reflect emotions and people can know what is going on deep down in your soul. Pretty and lively eyes can add simplicity and beauty to your look, while sparkling eyes can ooze out oodles of confidence. Women are definitely more privileged as they have the option of applying make-up that accentuates their eyes. The perfect eye-make up can transform your personality, while a simple mistake or flaw can ruin the existing charm also.
Eye-make up application follows certain techniques to transform your look from a plain Jane to a glamorous Diva. Many things have to be kept in consideration like your skin color, skin type, the occasion, your dress, etc. It is not necessary that what looks good on someone else will look good on you too. Presented here are some easy tips that will definitely give you a hint or two about how to apply eye make up. These techniques and useful tips will help you transforming your eyes the way you want to and hide flaws and accentuate beauty.
First Things First
First of all, buy a good set of eye make-up brushes. The eye-liner can be easily applied with a thin pointed-tip brush while eye-shadows can be applied with blunt or angled brushes. It is not a good idea to apply eye-shadow with finger tips. It is not only unhygienic, but the application looks very sloppy and uneven. The eye make-up highlights three main parts of the eye - the eyelid, the central area and the brow bone. Each area is emphasized with a different kind of make-up.
Right Application - The Eye Shadow
Start by washing your face and then applying a moisturizer. Apply a concealer or translucent face powder to even out the dark circles and blend the color of the skin around the eyes with the rest of the face. The next step is to choose the right shade of eye-shadow. The best shades to choose from are light, medium and dark versions of browns, beiges and soft pinks. Keep loud colors like blues, greens, oranges and metallic sheens for events like cocktail parties.
  • Start by applying the lightest version of your eye-shadow just under the eyebrow to highlight the brow bone.
  • Then, apply a slightly dark version of the same shade in half of the central eye lid.
  • After that, apply the dark version of the shade just above the eye lid. Blend the shades lightly with your finger tip or a small sponge to erase the harsh lines.  
Lining It Up
Next, line your eyes with a thin line of eye liner. You may use liquid ones for a refined and sharp look or a dry eye pencil for a smoky look. Also, if your eyes are small, apply a slightly thick coat and for big eyes, avoid the eye pencil and apply a thin line with a liquid liner to enhance the shape of the eye. Dark-skinned women can go in for shades of black or very dark brown, while fair-skinned women can go in for gray, light brown and even burgundy.
Those Long Lashes
A generous dose of mascara for your lashes can add the ultimate touch of glamour. For those who have thin lashes, choose a mascara that has volume and for those with short lashes, choose mascara that adds length. Just lift up your eye lid from the eye brow and carefully apply the mascara from below the lashes in an upward movement. For special days and occasions, curl your lashes with an eye-lash curler before applying the mascara.
Finishing Touches
Keep lighter make-up for the day and you can use a darker and a dramatic eye-make up for the evening. If you are using colored contact lenses, highlight the color of your eyes but don’t overwhelm it. Keep in mind your skin tone and your dress and then choose the eye-make up you want accordingly.

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