Being a blonde does not mean that you should look insipid. The right eye makeup application tips can do wonders to make you look attractive. Read on to find out how to apply eye makeup for blondes.

How To Apply Eye Makeup For Blondes

Have you ever wondered what makes Hollywood blonde hotties, like Scarlett Johansson, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Heather Graham and Charlize Theron, so strikingly beautiful? It’s undenyingly, their drop dead gorgeous eyes. Every blonde dame out there longs to look as divine and dazzling as these celebs. And the quick fix to this deep-rooted desire definitely lies in impressive eye make-up. Eye make-up can be a little tricky for blondes, when they get down to it, and it is easy to mess things up when they are dealing with their peepers.
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Makeup bloopers happen when women least expect them, and usually, when they least want them to happen. Limited experience and a wide range of options can put you in a fix. However, with some tips and tricks up your sleeve, getting those dreamy sultry eyes can be a breeze. Blonde beauties with their porcelain skin and taupe tresses can create ultimate magic with their lashes, if they know how to apply eye makeup in the right way. Soft hues and a perfect touch of mascara can add to the “oomph” appeal and do wonders for them. So, glam up the diva in you with the simple eye makeup tips given below and be the showstopper at the next party.
Eye Makeup Application Tips For A Blonde
  • Begin by applying a slim coating of foundation or primer on your eyelids, to smooth out the surface and correct imperfections.
  • Set the lids with a lighter shade of shimmery nude-colored eye shadow, to light up your complexion and accentuate your hair color. You can choose from light brown, pale gold, lavender, apricot, light coral and even charcoal gray to enhance the effect. Avoid using spunky, eye popping colors to do up your eyes.
  • Using a dark brown eyeliner, pencil a thin line along your eyelids, keeping it close to your eyelashes. You can also accentuate your lower lash if you want to add more definition to your eyes. Do not use black eyeliner, as it might go against your light hair color, making you look all made up.
  • Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler to add extra appeal to your peepers. Generously brush two strokes of dark brown mascara to get those flirty, seductive eyes.
  • Using a light brown eyebrow pencil, trace out your eyebrows if they happen to be of very light hue. Merge the line with your eyebrow for a natural softer appeal.
  • There you are - ready to grab all the attention at the next party!

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