Want to enhance your bust size, but afraid to go through dangerous surgeries? How about trying natural ways? Read this article to know how you can increase the size of your breasts naturally.

How To Increase The Size Of Your Breasts Naturally

Women have persistently been conscious of their physical beauty and appearance. And bust size is one of the most important aspects that women worry about. While women with larger breasts are considered sexy and adorable, those with a small bust size feel embarrassed. These women form the butt of teasing, thus leading to low self-esteem. Apart from breast enhancement surgery or breast implants, which are a very common cosmetic option nowadays, there are natural ways to enhance your bust size as well, thus overcoming the embarrassment of having a small breast size. Given here are some tips on how to increase the size of your breasts naturally and increase your self-confidence without surgery or implants. Read on to learn more.
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Natural Ways To Enhance Your Bust Size
Choose the Right Bra
In the present-day market, you will find bras that are especially designed to make your breasts look large and sexy. Selecting under-wire push up padded bras can go a long way in enhancing your bust size.
Select the Right Clothing
There are various types of clothing that make your bust appear larger, such as halter-neck, low V-neck, striped shirts and light colored tops. You do not necessarily have to wear the traditional clothing, in case you have a small bust.
Indulge in Right Exercises
There are many exercises designed especially to increase your bust size. Some of them have been listed here as well. They will not only enhance your breast size, but also help you improve your posture. 
  • Lie down on a bed or mat. Raise your arms and bring them in level with the chest. Hold the position and inhale. Count till 10 and exhale. Drop back your arms. This exercise is sure to show very quick results.
  • Stand straight facing a wall. Place your palms against the wall and press forcefully against it. You will feel a strong pressure in the chest region. Repeat 10 times. This exercise, when done regularly, will tone up the pectorals.
  • Stand on your toes and start stretching your arms up pretending to catch something above your head. This exercise will stretch the upper part of your body, warm up your muscles, thus straightening your spine.
  • Bring both your palms in front of your breasts and push them against each other. This will directly work out your chest muscles as well as arms, shaping them beautifully. 
Try Herbal Breast Enhancement Supplements
Herbs like fenugreek, saw palmetto, wild yam, fennel and dong quai are great for breast enlargement. You can brew them as tea or consume them through capsules easily available in the market. Another great option is to purchase lotions and products that contain these herbs, as applying them externally will help your breasts absorb more nutrients. Such creams and lotions increase your fat cells, thus leading to a fuller and rounder breast.
Go For Breast Massage
Massage is the oldest and cheapest method to enhance and increase your breast size. Massaging increases blood circulation and brings in more nutrients to the massaged area. This results in better skin tone and better shaped breasts. You will require a breast enhancing cream for the purpose. You can also make your own breast cream by mixing 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil, 3 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil and 1 drop of geranium essential oil. 
  • Apply the breast cream or oil on your breasts.
  • Slide your hands around the breasts in a circular motion and warm them up. Be sure to keep your fingers together.
  • While still moving in circles, pinch your breasts a little bit.
  • With your longest three fingers together, gently push on the skin beneath your breasts and also around them for a couple of minutes.
  • Finish the massage by sliding your hands in circles again, slowly and gently.

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