Curly hair falls can smartly distinguish you from the rest in a party. Read this article to find tips on how to make curly hair falls.

How To Make Curly Hair Falls

Curly hair falls look amazingly great on girls, provided the job has been done with perfection. At the same time, equal contribution can be attributed to the way a girl is carrying them. They will not only make you stand out of the crowd in a party, but will also lead a man to easily fall for your beautiful curls. Moreover, the hairstyle is easy to maintain and can last for up to a week, if proper care is taken. Curly hair falls can work on all kinds of hair, natural curly, straight and even the weave hair brought from the market. Go through the lines given below to find tips on how to make curly hair falls
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Making Curly Hair Falls
Things Required
  • Comb
  • Styling Gel
  • Hairspray
  • Rubber band
  • Straightner or Flat Iron
  • Curling Iron
  • Rubber bands
  • Hair Grip Irons
  • Blow Dryer
  • Mouse
  • 12- 14 inch Weave Bundle
For Curly Hair
  • Wash your hair and apply conditioner. Now, saturate the hair with a mouse that remains flexible and covers them up from root to tip.
  • Divide your hair in four sections and gently comb one section of the moist mouse-saturated hair from root to tip, so that there are no tangles. Pin rest of the sections, so that they don’t interfere up in the process.
  • Repeat the process with each section, unpinning them gradually. Part them in the desired direction (center part, side part, etc.).
  • Now, set the dryer at low heat and blow it at a distance of 6 to 12 inches from the hair. The natural hair will start forming ringlets.
  • Gently run fingers through hair so that the curls are more prominent. Take gel in your hand and apply it to describe curls. Let the hair dry naturally.
For Straight Hair
  • Wash and condition your hair. Part them into four sections.
  • Now, take one section of hair to work on and pin up the rest. Dry each section nicely and then again part the hair.
  • Take one section and straighten it, using the straightner or flat iron. Make a ponytail at your desired location, by locking it up with a good quality rubber band.
  • Use gel to level the hair that is coming out against the scalp.
  • Now, take a section of hair from the ponytail and use hairspray on it. Curl it counter clockwise, using a curling iron and hold it for 15 to 20 sections.
  • Lock the curls using hairspray another time and repeat the process until every hair in the ponytail is curled.
  • Using fingers, separate each curl and use gel and hairspray to describe curls as desired.
For Weave Bundle
  • Buy a weave bundle with 12- to 14-inch of curly textured hair, making sure that it matches your hair texture.
  • Wash your hair and condition it. Make a ponytail of the damp hair and apply gel on the hair that is standing against the scalp.
  • Now, make one plait out of the ponytail and wrap it around itself, making a small bun. Tie it up using hairgrip pins tightly, so that it doesn’t slip out.
  • Spread out the weave hair from the track and lock it using the hair grip pin, so that it goes through weaved hair and come out on the other end. Fix the hair grip pin and weave into the bun and secure with additional pins.
  • Wrap the weave around the bun by locking it with hairgrip pins, until it becomes invisible.
  • Cut the weave track and fix the end into the bun with another hair grip pin.
  • Using fingers wobble out the curls and use gel and hairspray to describe them.

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