Perfumes define who we are and with whom do we attract. So, choosing the best perfume is essential. Read on to explore tips on how to find the perfect perfume for you.

How To Find The Perfect Perfume

Animals mark their territory by means of their scent. Some animals even have different scents to match different feelings - fear, excitement, attraction, marking territories, etc. Scents, with humans, work in quite the same way. In fact, humans release a kind of scent as well, known as pheromones, in order to attract a potential mate. We also use scents, or perfumes, to express our moods and our personality. In some cases, the perfumes we choose are known to influence our moods and our reactions. People these days generally view perfumes as just another accessory. However, considering the fact that the perfume you choose defines who you are, what you want and whom you attract, choosing the best perfume becomes all the more important. The following tips will help you do just that, so that you won’t give out the wrong signals and your perfume will compliment the real you. Read on to explore how to find the perfect perfume.
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Choosing The Best Perfume
  • Choose your perfume based upon the season of the year in which you intend to use it. For example, summer perfumes are floral - sweet and subtle. Winter perfumes, on the other hand, are strong and musky.
  • When you are out to buy a perfume, choose wisely. When you spray perfume on your wrist, remember that it takes a minute or two for the perfume to sink into your skin and bring out the actual effect. Wait for it to mingle with your body’s natural scent, before short-listing it for purchase. You will be surprised to find that some perfumes smell good on their own, but do not smell so pleasant after they react with the scent of your skin.
  • Never try more than four different perfumes at one point of time. If you do try more than four, there are high chances that the fragrances will mingle with each other and confuse you.
  • Use a neutralizer on your wrist, between perfume trials. A neutralizer, as the name suggests, can be applied on your wrist to neutralize the smell of one perfume, before you test the other. This will ensure that you are not actually testing out a blend between two different perfumes.
  • Some stores have small bowls of coffee beans that neutralize the fragrance in your nostrils. If coffee beans are not provided, smell something neutral before testing out the new perfume. This will ensure that fragrances are not blended in your nostrils.
  • Share your likes and dislikes with the person at the perfume counter. Such people are usually experts and will be able to guide you in making the perfect choice.
  • While the person at the counter is usually an expert, you will often come across some of these “guides” who are more interested in marketing their product, than assisting you to make the right choice. Therefore, use your good judgment to make the final decision.
  • Don’t make your purchase based on brands or on how beautiful the perfume bottle looks. The most expensive perfumes are not necessarily the ones that will go best with you. Therefore, do not let vanity come in the way of making a practical and good choice.

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