Eyebrows give a frame to your face, but bushy eyebrows can be a cause of embarrassment and low self-esteem. Explore this article to know tips on how to fix your bushy eyebrows.

How To Fix Bushy Eyebrows

Apart from eyes and lips, eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on the face. They give a frame to our face and convey a lot of feelings, even when we do not utter a single word. Although men are least bothered about their bushy eyebrows, women are very much concerned about the same. Especially the younger females are more conscious about their looks, with even a slight imperfection shattering their self-esteem. When it comes to bushy eyebrows, there are many options available to fix them up. Apart from regular attention and grooming, a little maintenance is also required for those beautiful eyebrows. Read through the following lines to know different tips on how to fix bushy eyebrows and give your face a polished look.
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Fixing Your Bushy Eyebrows
Combing & Trimming
  • Using a comb, comb your brows in the upward direction. With a pair of nail scissors, trim the brows along the eyebrow line.
  • You can also use hair clippers to trim your eyebrows. This will help you clean the bushiness out of your eyebrows.
  • Another option is to comb your eyebrows and set them using a hair gel. This will fix your brows at a place.
Tweezing & Threading
One of the most popular ways to clean bushy eyebrows is through tweezing. For best results, get it done professionally, as this way, you can get your eyebrows shaped as well, suiting your face. In case you want to undertake the tweezing at home, read on to explore the right process as well as some tips for the same.
  • Dip a washcloth in warm water, squeeze it and place it on your eyebrows, before tweezing them. This will help loosen the follicles.
  • Hold the brow between the middle finger and index finger and pluck out a hair strand with a jerk. Pluck only one hair at a time.
  • Remove the hair between the brows first and then from under the brow area. Finish off with tweezing out hair from outside the brow.
  • To reduce the pain, pluck hair in the direction of hair growth. This will keep the hair follicles intact.
  • While tweezing, ensure that the space between the eyebrows is equal to the distance between eyes or just slightly wider. The brow should end on the diagonal line between the nostril and outside of eye.
  • After you have completed tweezing your brows, with a light hand, massage your brows to cool off any redness. You can also use wet tea bags for soothing.
  • Brush the eyebrows at last, to give them a natural touch.
Some Tips
  • Do not pluck plenty of hair to make your eyebrow line thin. This will not make your eyes look bigger.
  • Applying a little moisturizer on the eyebrow will enable the hair to slide off easily, as you pluck it with the tweezers.
  • Do not share your pair of tweezers with anyone or use them for any other purpose.
  • The ideal time for tweezing eyebrows is just after a bath, as pores are open at that time.
  • Tweezing your eyebrows before bedtime is a good alternative, as the redness from plucking would ease off overnight.

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