It is important to know your facial shape before going for a new hairstyle. Explore this article to know how to determine face shapes to suit hairstyles and know the right hairstyle for you.

How To Determine Face Shapes To Suit Hairstyles

Hair is the crowning glory of an attractive woman. At the same time, a hairstyle communicates a lot about an individual’s personality. Before you go for a haircut, it is important to determine your face shape. Your facial shape can help you choose a hairstyle that will look most attractive on you and highlight the best features of your face. The best way to determine your facial shape is to pull your hair off your face and tie it in a ponytail. Stand in front of a mirror and use an old eyebrow pencil or lip liner to draw the outline of your face in the mirror. When you step back, you will be able to see the shape of your face and easily determine what shape it resembles the most. Read through the following lines to know how to determine face shapes to suit hairstyles.
Right Hairstyle For Your Facial Shape
Oval Shaped Face
A person with an egg-shaped forehead and same width jaws is said to have an oval shaped face. Since the shape is proportionately balanced, it is regarded as the ideal face shape. People with an oval shaped face can try on any hairstyle. They can go for straight, wavy, curly, short, medium or long haircuts. Such people should avoid wearing the hair on their face, as the face shape will be lost in such a case, adding weight to the facial appearance.
Round Shaped Face
The face that is as much wide as it is long is called round-shape. The best way to enhance a circular-shaped face is to create an oval appearance that will lift your facial features. Round-faced people can get a haircut just below the chin and keep the sides close to the face. Hairstyles longer than the chin length will also suit. They can also go for fringes, as they add length to a face. These people should avoid curly haircuts, as they emphasize the roundness.
Oblong Shaped Face
An oblong face has more length than width. People with oblong face have high foreheads and long chins. These people can try any hairstyle that is short to medium in length. Oblong faced people should avoid too long hair length, as this will make their face look even longer. They should also avoid fringes in their haircuts.
Heart Shaped Face
A person with a wide forehead, narrowing to a point at the jaw line, is said to have a heart-shaped face. Hairstyles should be chosen to create width around the narrow chin. These people can try soft and curly, chin-length hairstyles. A chin length bob cut will create a balanced look by giving fullness and the right balance, wherever needed. They should avoid short and full hairstyles.
Square Shaped Face
People who are square faced have a strong forehead and jaw line. Their face is angular, with a broad and square forehead. They should prefer hairstyles that create an oval shape. They can opt for short to medium length hairstyles. They should avoid a square, geometric cut and long bobs with heavy fringes.
Diamond Shaped Face
People with a diamond shaped face have a narrow forehead and jaw line, but their cheekbones are wide. They should try out styles that balance the narrow chin. Although most hairstyles suit a diamond-shaped face, a full, rounded style is the best amongst all to try out. These people should avoid hairstyles that completely expose their forehead.
Triangular Shaped Face
A face that has narrow forehead and cheekbones, with a wide jaw line, is said to be triangular in shape. Haircuts should be selected to narrow the chin and widen the forehead. Such people should try on shorter hairstyles to balance the prominent jaw line. Triangular-faced people must avoid long and full haircuts that draw attention to the jaw line.

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