Knowing what type of face shape you have will help you accentuate it better with a suitable hairstyle. Here’s how to find your face shape.

Face Shapes

The thumb rule for any good hairstyle to suit you is that it should highlight your face shape. In order to get a hairstyle to accentuate your perfect facial features, you need to get a hair cut according to the shape of your face. Now, you must be wondering if a face really has many types of shapes. To your surprise, they do! A face is not just round, as you may think but has many different types of structures. A brief explanation of the different types of face shapes is given below.
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Types of Face Shapes
Oval - Considered to be one of the best face shapes, an oval face shape is supposed to carry off any hairstyle with style. An oval face shape is such that the cheekbones are slightly wider that the forehead and the chin. If you have an oval shape, you can practically carry off any hairstyle - long, short, medium, straight, curly, etc.
Round - A round face does not have sharp angles and is characterized by wide cheeks and softer edges or corners near the jaw-line as well as the forehead. For a round face, the trick is to add length and make it look a bit longer than what it is. A hairstyle or cut that is layered maximum at the top and narrows down as it tapers down is best suited for a round face.
Triangle - A face shaped like a triangle has a narrow forehead and wide jaw-line. Sometimes, the cheeks and cheekbones are also wider than the forehead. For such a face, short and voluminous hairstyles are the best bet. A triangle face shape will be balanced with lot of curls on the top and a short length hair cut.
Inverted Triangle - The opposite of a triangle, an inverted triangle face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and narrow cheeks, jaw bones and chin. For such a face, the best hairstyle would be the one in which the fringes rest on the forehead and a blunt cut finishes just below the chin.
Square - The square shaped face is dominated by a wide forehead and wide jaw-line. A face that has a square or sometimes a rectangular shape will look best with a hairstyle that adds volume at the top and lesser volume as it tapers down on the sides.
How to find Your Face-Shape 
  • Stand in front of the bathroom mirror and make sure the surroundings are well-lit.
  • Tie your hair back in a tight pony tail with a secure rubber band. You may also make a tight bun if you want and wear a sweat band just above your hairline to highlight your face.
  • Now, take a bar of soap and carefully outline your face on the mirror. Don’t shake and stand absolutely still, while slowly making an outline of your face on the mirror.
  • Now, look at the outline you have drawn and try to compare it with the above mentioned face shapes. You will find the shape of your face with ease and decide which hairstyle would suit you the best.

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