In order to choose the best haircut styles for yourself, you need to keep your facial shape in mind. Go through this article and explore haircuts for different face shapes.

Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

We all know the important part that a right hairstyle plays, in the overall personality of an individual. In fact, it can easily transform you from a 'nobody' to someone who is noticed by one and all. While choosing a hairstyle for yourself, there are some basic aspects that you need to keep in mind, such as your face shape, the texture of your hair, and so on. In this article, we will concentrate on the first aspect - face shape. So, go through the following lines and explore the best haircuts for different face shapes.
Best Haircut Styles for Different Facial Shapes
Oval Face Shape
One of the best facial shapes that you can ever have comprises of the oval shape. This is because almost anything and everything suits on an oval face, right from any pair of sunglasses to every style in haircuts. Talking about haircut styles, you can go for various lengths, ranging from long hair to medium length hair. In terms of texture, curls, waves and even straight hair will suit you. As for the cuts, you can go for anything from bobs and layers to curls and perms
Heart Face Shape
If your face shape almost resembles a heart, with the chin being quite prominent, it is best to go for a haircut that allows the hair to frame your face softly. Going in for choppy layers can add more dimension to the hairstyle, thus playing a little with your pointed chin. While having a haircut, make sure that the top layers have been styled well and at least one of the layers fall just below your jawline. You can also go for bangs, as they look stylish on heart faces.
Square Face Shape
If you have been born with a square facial shape, it would be advisable to stick to those haircuts that soften the edges of the face. In this case, long hairstyles that frame the face comprise of a good option. You can also opt for long bangs or choose layers that begin at the jawline, as such a haircut will help soften your strong jawline. At the same time, sides parting will good on you. However, strictly avoid haircut styles that are short, as they will make your face look squarer.
Long Face Shape
In order to bring balance in a long face, you need to go for a haircut that adds some more breadth to the shape. In this context, curly and wavy hair texture would be your best bet, as they tend to add volume and breadth to the strands. Talking about the cut, a longer back length and shorter layers for the top portion of the face is a good option. You can also go for short choppy hairstyles, which perfectly suit long faces.
Round Face Shape
In case of a round face, you just need to do opposite of what you did in case of long faces. This is because here, instead of breadth, you need to add length to the hair. Long hair will help you serve this very propose. At the same time, you can go for wispy edges or tapered ends for the strands. If you want to opt for layers, make sure that none of them ends near your cheeks. The hairstyles that add height to the crown area will also be a good option.

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