Do you spend too much time struggling to get your eyebrows into perfect shape? This piece of writing will guide you on some of the best ways to do so.

Eyebrow Shapes

Women dedicate a lot of time and effort to obtain the most appropriate eyebrow shape. They are unhappy with their natural brow shapes and tend to spend several hours in front of the mirror, scrutinizing every speck. Their grimaces indicate that their eyebrow hair is either too bushy, too close together or their ends are too blunt. Either way, they can all be easily salvaged. Even men need to trim their eyebrows every now and then. Perhaps, apply some gel or spray, thereby making the eyebrow hair easy to manage and less bushy. 

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Stereotypically, eyebrows should extend from the inner corner of our eye to around a quarter inch past the outer corner. Grooming your eyebrows is a relatively simple task, but it demands a little concentration and a keen visualization. Before slathering hot wax or hastily plucking out the uneven bits, choose a suitable shape to accentuate the beauty of your eyes and go well with the shape of your face. Delve deeper into this section and learn how to acquire the most apt eyebrow shapes.

Different Eyebrow Shapes

Arched Shape
This shape highlights the enticing spark in your eyes. Start from the inner corner of your eye with an upward angle and continue with a downward curve up to the outer corner. Arched shaped eyebrows are perfect for women with extraordinarily thick bushes and low profile brow ridges. Arched shape elongate the face as it effectively draws the face up and down as is often employed for heart shaped faces. A high arch round brow provides the added length essential for a shorter heart face shape.

Curved Shape
These brows are trademarked by a subtle and rounded outline that slides all the way to the line of the eyelids. If you possess the angular shaped face, curved eyebrows are indeed ideal. Curves promise to take off focus from the spare width of our faces. Observe how celebrities-Nicole Kidman and Beyonce who are gifted with diamond shaped faces resort to curved eyebrows. These softened angles lend a narrower face appearance.Incidentally, there is an increased demand for curbed eyebrows as they work wonderfully with oval face shapes.

Angled Shape
Characterized by an angle slithering upwards from the inner corner of the eye, and a downward angle towards the outer edge, angled brows are ideal for round faced women. They provide a slimming look to the face and draw more attention to the eyes. The soft angled shaped is largely considered as the most coveted brow shape.

Flat Shape
Unlike the previous shapes, the flat profile calls out for least curvature along the brow’s expanse. By applying straight horizontal lines, oblong faces accomplish a rounder face disguise as the up and down eye movement is hindered. Flats are ideal for those with narrow faces and wide spaces between eyes as they create an illusion of added width. Men usually select this shape. Note that the inner and outer edges must be horizontally even to steer clear of regrettable expressions.

Tips To emphasize Eyebrow Shapes
  • Perpendicularly bring into line the inner edge of the brow with the centre of your nostril.
  • Acquire a finer appearance by grooming long hairs and reshaping bushy brows with a trimmer.
  • Avoid overcorrecting.
  • Ensure that you choose eyebrow stencils that will complement your face shape, features and eyes. Gently apply, let them set and then remove quickly.
  • Avoid shimmery products that instantly draw attention to the correction.
  • The easiest solution to this is to use styling gel on an eyebrow comb or small bristled brush to arrange the hairs and make the hairs hold the shape you desire.
  • Use tweezers to remove stray hair that aren’t effectively trapped by wax or other treatments. Tweezers have survived the test of time and are essential plucking tools, endowing women with the elegant and smooth look they often flaunt.
  • Wide ranges of “eye pencils colors” foil your eyebrows from fading into the background by adding more definition.
  • Use lightly colored mascara to color in the hair of their eyebrows when the brows are pale in color.
  • Don’t forget to comb or brush your pretty eyebrows into a proper shape. 

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