Men’s eyebrow shaping is very different from that of women. Explore the article to know more about different eye brow shapes for guys.

Eyebrow Shapes For Men

The world is getting more liberal and as a byproduct of it, men are also viewed as fashion properties. All those bah zillions boxes in fashion magazine pages and flex boards, which were ruled by women once upon a time, have now given space to men too. Writer Mark Simpson gave birth to the term ‘metrosexual man’ which denotes a single young man with a high income, living or working in the city [symbolic representation to denote that cities have more shops]. This metrosexual man is perhaps the most promising consumer market of the decade. Now, men are getting more and more conscious about their looks. Nobody wants to become something below than a ‘mirror cracking material’. Eyebrow shapes make your face look better. There are various kinds of eyebrow shapes for men. Read on the article to know more about men’s eyebrow shapes.
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Different Eyebrow Shapes For Guys
Angular eyebrow shape is considered as the best choice for men with round faces. This eyebrow shape matches well with chubby face. The shape enhances the beauty of the eyes and gives the face an enhanced look. You can opt for a soft angular shape which is subtle and attractive. This style is suitable for men with tiny forehead. So angular eyebrow shapes will go in tune with their face.
Men with wide eyes and forehead can chose round eyebrow shape. Round eyebrow must be in tune with the frontal bones and it should taper gently at the ends. Round eyebrow shape can add a touch of elegance to your looks.
Flat eyebrows are perfect for a long face. Men with long face usually want to decrease the length of their face in appearance. Flat shape’s horizontal lines make the long face appear shorter and oval. A flat eyebrow has no or very little curve to it.  It goes like a straight line which makes an illusion that can help the face look shorter.
Shaping Men’s Eyebrows
Men have thicker eyebrows than women and the shapes of the eyebrows also are different. Eyebrow is one of the important factors, which make a man look better. There are various eyebrow shapes for different eyes. Before choosing a design, you must make sure that it suits your face well. You can go through a fashion magazine or saloon manual to find out the pictures of different eyebrow shapes and how they suit to different faces. Apart from asking some other person to judge your style, you can select i what you like.
If you have a round face, you can go for the angular eyebrow shaping. If you have a flat forehead, a round eyebrow shape would suit you well than other shapes. The one thing you must be careful about shaping the eyebrow is that you shouldn’t over do it. You should try to keep your design very subtle. Plucking, waxing and threading are the methods of eyebrow shaping. You can do waxing or tweezing/plucking by yourself but you should need an expert beautician for doing threading.

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