Choosing the right clothes for an afternoon wedding is important. Read on to find out how you can make the right choice.

Afternoon Wedding Attire

According to tradition, weddings usually take place in the early evening or in the late afternoon. However, tradition is not what it used to be. There are some people who choose to have an early afternoon wedding ceremony. This could probably be due to scheduling problems or due to some prior appointments that need to be kept later in the day (such as an early honeymoon flight to an exotic location). If you find yourself invited to an afternoon wedding, you would most probably be in a dilemma as to what to wear to the wedding. Or, if you are the one getting married and it has to be an afternoon wedding, you might again wonder whether your choice of clothes is correct. No matter who you are, choosing the right afternoon wedding attire is essential, especially when there is no dress code that is specified. Therefore, if you are one among the many who are confused as to what to wear, the following tips on choosing the perfect afternoon wedding attire will help you. 
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Dressing For An Afternoon Wedding
Tips For The Groom And Best man
  • Choose light or pastel shades for the vests, cummerbunds and ties.
  • The pants and tux will be better if they are in grey, rather than in black. 
Tips For The Bride And Bridesmaids
  • White bridal gowns can remain as they are.
  • Bridesmaids’ clothes need to be bright. This does not mean that they have to dress in glaring, sunny yellow, but can rather go in for any light, summer shade such as lavender and the like.
  • Another point to keep in mind while choosing bridesmaids’ clothes is the type of flowers used to decorate the wedding venue as well as the color motif. The bridesmaids’ clothes should complement the color choices. 
Tips For Attendees – Men
  • The tux and pants could be of lighter colors such as grey or any other summer colors.
  • Khaki and linen pants with neat shirts that button down. Sports jackets can be added if the weather is a bit cooler.
  • If the reception is to be held outdoors, you can skip the tie. However, never skip a jacket and tie if the reception is to be held indoors. 
Tips For Attendees – Women
  • If the wedding is to be held in the late afternoon, it is likely that the reception will flow into the evening. Therefore, choose a slightly dressy attire. However, if the wedding is to be held in the early afternoon, choose daytime dresses which are light and brightly colored.
  • If the reception is to be held outside, avoid using heels that could embarrass you when you step on to sand or grass. Peep toes or flats would be ideal in this situation.
  • For late afternoon weddings, a fancy cocktail dress would be ideal. However, do not opt for sequins or a strapless dress. Keep it simple but elegant.
  • Avoid dressing in black or white at a wedding. 
Tips For Attendees – Children
  • Little girls will look great in cute, floral dresses.
  • For boys, choose slacks and a nice shirt in summer colors.

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