Are you looking for dressing tips for a wedding? Go through the article and find ideas on what to wear to a wedding.

What To Wear To A Wedding

Do you have to attend a wedding party? Are you confused about how to dress up for the occasion? This confusion is something that most of us come across when we have to attend a wedding. Wedding is a sanctimonious affair and one needs to dress appropriately for the event. It can be a formal or an informal affair, but whatever is the nature, your dress should gel with the theme of the party. In the following lines, we have provided tips to help you in dressing up for a marriage.
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What To Wear To A Wedding
For Her 
  • If the wedding is during daytime and an informal one, a short dress or suit would be perfect.
  • Cocktail dress is best suited for an evening wedding, which is informal in nature.
  • If the wedding is a formal affair and is in the evening, long or dressy short cocktail dress, with beading, glam accessories or wrap, would do the trick.
  • It is generally advised to avoid wearing white, as the bride will be wearing it too. Choose from the gamut of colors and select the one that best suits your personality.
  • If the party is during the day, black or sequins dress should be avoided.
  • If you are wearing the same color as the bridesmaids or mothers, don't bother. You may add to the unknowingly formed color theme.
  • Wear something that enhances your personality. Since wedding is a sanctimonious affair, club wear or overtly sexy clothing is a big No-No.
  • Your dress should match your gloves and the rest of the accessories. However, do not go out to wear opera-length gloves, with sleeveless or strapless gowns.
  • If the nature of the wedding is not mentioned in the invite, choose a dress which would suit the mood of the wedding. A pastel dress or a floral print dress is best suited for daytime and a black dress for the evening. 
For Him 
  • If the wedding is during daytime and an informal affair, shirt and pant are the best suited for the affair.   
  • If the party is at the evening and is informal in nature, a suit would best complement the nature of the party.
  • Tuxedo or dark suits work best in case of a wedding that is held in the evening and is formal in nature. Remember, even if the wedding event is in the daytime and is formal, a tuxedo would still seem out of place.
  • A dark suit would gel with the wedding party which is in the evening.
  • If nothing is mentioned in the invitation card, choose attire that is versatile. A dark suit and conservative tie is just the right deal for any event.

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