Gothic bridal wear has its own distinct appeal and charm. Explore more about Gothic wedding gown and dress.

Gothic Wedding Dress

Gothic weddings have become quite popular in the contemporary world, with more and more people opting for this theme. Gothic fashion is highly distinct from all other fashion styles. It does not follow any set rules, rather believes in molding the regular fashion ideas. While Gothic fashion trends are not the ones that could be incorporated in our daily wardrobe, the style has certainly gained popularity, with people becoming more experimental and creative. Many fashion designers make dresses to reflect the Gothic era and infuse their modern innovations to create dresses that seem to be inspired by the gothic era, while still retaining their own individual style.
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The Gothic fashion is about being more brazen and bold, even as it attempts to blend the regular, accepted norms of fashion. Basically, this fashion trends call in for the incorporation of bizarre and novel ideas. The same holds true in case of Gothic bridal wear as well, which is quite different from the traditional contemporary wedding dresses or gowns. The variation in wedding dress can be seen in terms of color, fabric and style. It needs to be noted that black color rules in most of the gothic attires. The color is also associated with mysticism and eroticism. That is exactly why many brides prefer to dress themselves as gothic brides on their D-Day. For more on Gothic wedding gowns, read on.
Gothic Bridal Wear 
  • Gothic wedding gowns depict the liberated spirit of individuality and sexuality. In effect, the most popular Gothic wedding dresses include flowing skirts, tight jeans and long sweeping dresses. Chains and studs are also a key feature of this fashion.
  • Contrary to the traditional medieval weddings, black is the preferred color for Gothic wedding dresses. The dramatic and mystic look of a Gothic wedding is well expressed in black color.
  • Other than black, colors like deep red, deep purple and a dramatic dark blue can also be used for Gothic wedding wear.
  • The most popular fabrics for Gothic weddings are velvet and satin. Both these fabrics exude characteristics of richness and heaviness. They can also be combined with lace and corset, to accentuate the bride's figure.
  • Gothic wedding dress basically emphasizes individuality and personal uniqueness. For this reason, they are usually long and flowing.
  • The necklines of the dresses can vary from classic medieval to vintage dresses, like Victorian or any other.
  • Brides can also choose from sleeveless dresses to corset style dresses, as per their own individual taste. Besides, flutter sleeves or long flowing sleeves can also be chosen, if she is not comfortable with the former options. 
Additional Tip
If you want to go for the typical gothic look on your wedding, take note that gothic fashion is distinctively associated with black, dyed and crimpled hair. Just as the dress has to be black or dark in color, you makeup should also match the colors that you are wearing. Go for the same colored lipstick as that of your dress.  High heels are also a must to look like a gothic bride.

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