Gothic cross tattoos represent much more than just a tattoo. Read on to know more about gothic cross tattoos.

Gothic-Cross Tattoos

A gothic cross to many is more than just a religious symbol - it is a symbol that reflects pain and darkness. It’s an ideal way to express your identity if you consider yourself to be different from everybody and have a deeper understanding of the world around you. The origins of the gothic cross can be traced to medieval gothic architecture where the symbol was used widely. Today, the common perception of gothic era is one of doom and despair and hence the basis for today’s gloomy gothic culture, music and fashion. Being the most common symbol of gothic culture, the gothic-cross is a must for everyone who relates with the dark side of life. However, the gothic-cross has aesthetic appeal too as it is one of the most intricate cross designs that looks fabulous on skin. Although there are many variations of this tattoo, the typical gothic-cross tattoo is basically a picture of a wrought-iron-made gothic-cross. The arms of the cross may have intricate markings and the borders of the arms may be sharp and look aggressive. Explore the following pointers to know more gothic cross tattoos tips.
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Gothic Cross Tattoo Designs 

Where To Tattoo
For men, convenient places to get a gothic-cross tattoo are on the shoulders, back and forearms. For women the foot, ankle, hand and the small of the back are excellent places to wear a small gothic-cross. However, if you would like to be different you can get the tattoo at unconventional places like the chest, the nape or sides of your neck, the back of your head or maybe even between the eyes. As a rule of thumb, you should get the tattoo at a place where it can be seen by everyone as it is an adornment and sign of individual identity that you will want everyone to see. 

All About Designs
As for the design, there are thousands available on the internet and over several dozens with your local tattoo artist. You may make your own custom designs by working on a basic gothic-cross design. The gothic cross is generally black and can have barbwire or vines encircling it. The cross may also be bound in chains or have initials and have jewels emblazoned on the arms of the cross. Other popular design schemes can include a dagger or a sword or a skull to adorn the point where the two arms meet. You can also combine several ideas such as a jewel encrusted cross that is wrapped in barbwire and has a skull at the point where the arms of the cross meet. 

Things To Consider 
While getting the tattoo, don’t rush yourself into it, but think long and hard about the design you want to wear. Other things to consider are the place where you want to wear the tattoo and the tattoo artist with whom you would like to work with to realize your dream. Remember, a tattoo lasts forever so take your time and see how you will perceive the adornment when you are older. If you are still unsure, you can always go in for a temporary gothic-cross tattoo and try several different designs in the process. When you do find the one you like, you can go through with it but watch out! Getting tattoos are painful. In addition, post-tattoo care goes a long way in preventing skin trauma and the quality of the tattoo.

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