You have been invited to a Goth theme party, but do not know how to dress Gothic. Don’t worry. We are here to provide you some tips for getting the Goth look.

How To Dress Goth

The term ‘Goth’ is used to define a contemporary subculture that is in existence in a large number of countries. Though it started in the United Kingdom, during the early 1980s, as an offshoot of the post-punk genre, it quickly spread to almost all the parts of the world. With time, the Goth culture has modified a lot and also spread its base much more. The people who belong to this subculture follow certain specific norms as far as music, aesthetics and fashion are concerned. These days, Goth has become a popular theme for costume parties. In case you also want some tips on the Gothic look, read on.
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How to Dress Goth
Painted Face
The first step towards attaining the Goth look involves painting your face with makeup. Goth dressers, male as well as female, apply pale makeup on their face. Complementing the pale face will be a lipstick, either dark red or black. In case of women, dramatic eye makeup is another important feature. Apply dark and thick eyeliner and combine it with heavy black or charcoal eye shadow. Finally, do not forget to have either a pierced lip or a pierced nose.
Right Hairstyle
The right hairstyle also holds very much importance in getting the true Goth look. Though there is no specific hairstyle that you need to carry, dyed hair definitely seems to be the most common look. The hair should be dyed either pure black or dark red. Thereafter, you need to give your hair a messy look, which can easily be attained with the help of styling products. You can also pull up your hair, but make sure that plenty of messy hair fall on your face.
Black is the Key
While dressing up as per the Goth look, keep the color black in mind. Both guys as well as girls dress up in black. You can also team black with dark red. For example, girls can wear ripped black jeans or skirts, along with black or dark red corsets. In case of guys, black t-shirts and worn black pants seem to provide the perfect look. As far as shoes are concerned, military type boots are the best. You can also have drawings or patches on the clothing.
Finally, the accessories! Accessories can help you don any and every look, including the Goth one. Girls can go for handbags that have skulls or ominous looking creatures on them. Messenger type cloth bags, adorned with drawings or statements, work good with both guys and girls. Next, comes the jewelry. Silver rings and earrings help create the right look, while piercing is something that you just cannot work without.

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