Are you obsessed with dramatic eyes? Do you love to singe back the stares of every person in town? Read on for gothic eye makeup tips.

Gothic Eye Makeup Tips

“Look into my eyes and hear what I'm not saying, for my eyes speak louder than my voice ever will”. Never was a truer and better statement made, for indeed eyes are the mirror to who you are. By playing with your eyewear you can be just about anybody. That is why, in the book of makeup, the eye makeup is the most vital chapter. For a demure and coy princess look, you just need to wear the natural design by flirting with safe shades like pink, tawny, beige, or taupe. However, if drama is what you desire, then go Gothic. The bizarre, the mysterious, the desolate, and the inexplicable, that is what Goth is all about. Gothic is basically indefinable because it is very individualistic. Goth is not just about style, it is about attitude. It started as a fashion in the 80’s when rock bands dressed in morbid, dark colors and sported vampire looks for fun. From there it picked on to become a revolution in fashion. Today, with favorite celebrities sporting their personal Gothic fashions, the Gothic look has come to stand for reinvention. And when it comes to looks, the eyes speak volumes. Gothic eye makeup creates an aura of mystery around you and speaks volumes of your love affair with the dark colors, unlike the safe and subtle pinks and pastels, which are considered more charming and appealing. Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox have used it to create the effect of sexy, smoky, and seducing erotic cat eyes. So, if you are dying to add a dash of spice to your life and bewitch the world with your enticingly bold and ornate eyes then Gothic eye makeup is your very own fatal arsenal. Read on to know the tips for gothic eye makeup. 
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Tips For Gothic Eye Makeup 
Wearing Gothic is suggestive of the fact that you are a rebel with a desire to break the taboo. This style will be a challenge to all your beauty skills. Don’t even imagine you can do it up in a flash just like that 30mins before a party. It needs practice. Else, you’ll end up looking painfully stupid. 
  • Before you begin to apply makeup, prepare the eye area first. Cleanse, moisturize and apply cream.
  • Now, start by powdering your face with a face powder to cover all the oily spots. This will help prevent smearing, smudging, and fading. The face powder should be a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • Next, start tracing your lower eyelid to produce a thick line and smudge it gently with your ring finger. Wash your hands before you continue in order to avoid stray smudges. Repeat with the upper eyelid.
  • You can also extend the eyeliner past your lids to create designs. This is where you can turn your creativity loose and be original. For complicated designs, first sketch them on a paper and then try it on your eyes.
  • Gently apply powder on your eyes and over your liner now. This will help dry and set the eyeliner. Dab the extra powder, and retrace all the eyeliner. This will create a bold look and won’t lead to smudging.
  • Remember that drawing thick lines round the entire eye will make them look smaller. To avoid this you should line only the bottom lid or pass up closing the lines in the corner. Using a white liner on the inside bottom of the lid will give a bigger and brighter look. You can also choose to use different colors for both the upper and lower lid.
  • Next, apply mascara on your lashes. You may simply apply black mascara, or you can be more creative by applying black mascara and then brushing the tips of the lashes with a brighter color. Alternatively, you can use brighter mascara, especially one with shimmers added, as dots near the roots of the lashes.
  • After the mascara dries, you can apply eye shadow of the desired shade to achieve your dramatic dream look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors.
  • You can also sprinkle fine glitter over your eye makeup for a shimmery effect.
  • If you want to be more dramatic, then try on some eye lenses of different shades. This will help you attain theatrical gothic look.
  • With gothic eye makeup, you can just go wild and creative. Just let your imagination fly and express your individuality.

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