Are you wondering how to avoid your makeup from smearing? The answer to your question lies in the article below. Explore it to learn some tips for preventing makeup from smudging.

How To Avoid Makeup Smearing

Each one of us has a different skin and hence, some are likely to have their makeup smudged and smeared out over a period of time, giving it an untidy and dull look, especially around the eyes. Eye makeup generally results in only two types of comments - you either earn rave reviews about its classiness or get not-so-pleasing comments about the disaster done. The latter is mainly evident when the makeup smudges and smears all over the face. Common reasons for smudging of makeup can include oil-prone skin, squinting of the face due to sneezing or even blinking, rubbing and watery eyes. In case you too run the risk of smudged and smeared makeup, here is a respite. Just switch your makeup routine and take some preventive measures to have a smudge-free makeup. The tips and techniques listed below are sure to help you keep your makeup look its best for a longer duration.
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Tips For Preventing Makeup From Smudging
Quality Matters!  
Different companies offer makeup products varying in quality. To keep your makeup at its best for longer duration, it is best to purchase good quality cosmetics. Quality makeup promises to stay vibrant, blend well and last throughout the day, unlike cheap makeup products that smear, smudge and vanish within a couple of hours after applying. Though you may have to empty your pocket a little more initially, remember, the investment is worth the deal.
Say No To Eye Moisturizer
Use a facial moisturizer to give your face a soft and fresh feel and look. However, avoid using  moisturizer to your eyes. Applying heavy eye moisturizers will only give the lids a greasy base, leaving you with running and smearing eye shadow. Keep your eyelids dry and apply eye shadow to a clean base, allowing the eyes to stand out to their best.
Use A Primer
Instead of using eye moisturizer, apply an eye shadow primer, before you proceed with applying the eye shadow. Apart from giving a great base to stick the eye shadow, a primer makes the colors appear more vibrant. Apply a small amount of primer to the eyelids and gently smooth it out. Thereafter, apply the eye shadow.
Go For Liquid Eye Shadow
Consider buying liquid eye shadows instead of going for a cream or powdered ones. Liquid eye shadows serve as a great alternative to those normal shadows, since they dry up faster. They stick to the eyelids and dry in their place, unlike cream and powder counterparts, which have to be applied and smoothen out on the eyelids, to get the required effect.
Liquid Eyeliner
Opt for liquid eyeliner as against a pencil liner to reduce smudging. While using eyeliner, apply it to your eyes and leave it for drying. Avoid opening your eyes during the drying process to prevent it from smearing. Liquid eye liner gives your eyes a more clean and professional look that is harder to smudge.
Waterproof Mascara
Waterproof mascara helps in avoiding the excess moisture on the face that results in running mascara. Moreover, waterproof mascara enhances your face, giving it a great look for a longer duration. To avoid clumping and smearing, it is best to apply a light coat of mascara to your eyelashes.

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