Nobody likes to look faded at the end of the night and end up searching for tips to have long lasting makeup. Go through this article and know all about how to make your makeup last all night.

How To Make Your Makeup Last All Night

Picture this; you plan an all-night long party in your house with friends, to celebrate the end of school life and the beginning of adulthood. As the evening begins, friends start pouring in, everyone is dressed beautifully for the occasion and you are in your best dress too. Everyone is high on energy, which continues well into the night. In fact, the party continues through the morning and as you go to the kitchen to refill your glass, you get a glance of yourself in the reflection of the window. For a moment you are not sure it is you in the reflection. You run upstairs to your bedroom and see that the elegant, glamorous lady of the previous night’s party is looking like a washed out girl-next-door in the light. You have a dull, smudged out look, just like a faded painting. You then wonder whether it was worth spending an hour and half the previous evening to get the right makeup on. This happens to many of us; we spend hours trying to get the right look and by time half the day or night passes, there seems to be no trace of the makeup. If you want your makeup to last all night long, it is not sufficient to choose the right products; it is also an art that has to be learnt. Read on to know how to apply makeup that will last through the day or night.
Long Lasting Makeup Tips
  • Exfoliate or wash your face clean, before applying makeup. Makeup, if applied on dry or dirty skin, will crack and fade away soon. Moisturize your face, to give the makeup a smooth foundation. This will help in getting a good finish.
  • Use a foundation to cover up dark circles, acne or other marks. If you are attending an evening event, you could go light on the foundation, as dim lighting is not as revealing as during the day. Using a foundation primer (such as Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer or Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel) will also do wonders. Revlon Colorstay is also a tried and tested foundation that sets fast and lasts much longer.
  • For your eyes, remember to use a primer (such as M.A.C. paint pots or Urban Decay Primer Potion) to prevent smudging and creasing. It would be good for you to know that waterproof mascaras tend to flake as they are drying products, so you need to shift to a regular one.
  • If you are going to dance and sweat it out, using cream-based blushers may not be a good idea. To prevent a smudged look, use matte, powder-based products. They will also ensure longer lasting makeup.
  • For your lipstick to last long, a known solution is to apply a coat of preferably crème, matte based lipsticks and then blot it with a tissue paper. Then apply another layer to help the color stay on for longer.
  • You could use shampoos that are style specific, to ensure your hairstyle stays intact and does not fall loose by the end of the day or night. Gentle spays of hair spray on damp roots will help too. If you wish to keep your curls intact, use a curling iron that is one size smaller than the curl you want, to ensure they stay put throughout the party.
  • Smell as fresh as daisy through the day or night by applying perfume on the ‘pulse points’, which are your wrists and neck. These points are the best place to apply perfume, as they are known to produce heat, in turn releasing the fragrance.
  • A unique solution known to work is applying a mist of hairspray on your face. Hold the spray at an arm’s length from your face and apply a gentle spray. It is an unconventional technique, but has proved to make makeup last longer than usual.

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