You can wear different holiday make up looks according to the event. Given below are some hottest makeup trends for this holiday season.

Holiday Makeup Looks

Holidays are the best way to indulge in leisure activities. People usually hangout with friends or attend parties to socialize and to relax. Though it is the holiday time and everybody is in a mood to unwind, don’t forget to spruce up your look with make up as this is the best time for you to look good. The hectic daily routines of life do not provide much opportunity to pamper your self with care and attention. Thus, holidays become the most appropriate time to garnish yourself and surprise people with your splendor. In fact, it can even turn out to be a good opportunity to make your holidays memorable, as you vie to gather compliments. So, for some cool holiday make up looks, read the tips given below.
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Look for a Hangout
If you have planned an outing with friends, aspiring to have fun and relaxation at the same time, a light- makeup-look works best for you. As it is a casual affair, you should concentrate on being your real self, making efforts to gel with your pals. Wear a golden sheer gloss on your lips, while work your eyes up with a glossy, sheer pink cream eye shadow. Apply a matt finish light pink blush on your cheek bones. For finishing touches, apply a coat of deep brown or black mascara on upper as well as lower lashes.
Cocktail Party Look
For a cocktail you can definitely splurge in terms of make up and exhibit your skills. Usually a dramatic look is the best to wear for a cocktail party. For eye liner, you can use shades like midnight blue, kohl black or chocolate brown. The shadow should also be in accordance with your liner. Do not forget to apply a base to accentuate your eyes. Besides, you can team this with purple shade for lips.
A Black Tie Event Look
For a semi formal party, your look should be classic as well as playful. For such a look apply a saucy pale pink or rose colored lipstick.  For the cheeks, apply a glowing subtle yet shimmery blush, which would not pull too much attention. Your eyes can be the center of attraction, as you can try the smoky look. Put eye liner on both the upper and lower lashes. Team it with an eye shadow primer and shimmery shadow to complete the look.

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